Feeder speed limit?

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  1. Pickles

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    Is there a company set speed limit for hourly Feeder drivers?

    ​At my local hub mileage drivers tractors go 72mph and thats what they keep them at, for hourly, their tractors go 68mph but they all drive 65. One driver has been singled out and told to drive his tractor to the floor because his volume is extremely hot while the other 25 drivers are cool driving 64-65.
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    you must be kidding??? the posted speed limit is the limit under ideal conditions.
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    I like to give people the benefit of doubt. you would not believe how many feeder drivers at my hub will do what a supe tells them even if it violates dot, state, or federal laws.
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    And as soon as you have a wreck they will forget all about telling you to keep it to the floor. He should stop and take his meal on the way. That usually shuts them up. Lol lol
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    Runner/gunners seem to be everywhere.

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    The tractor I drive goes 68. I don't believe mileage tractors go any faster. I go the speed limit if I can. Where its 70, I still go only 65. Where it's 55, the cruise gets set at 55.

    Why would the company have mileage tractors go faster? Mileage drivers get paid by the mile, not time. If they work 9 hrs or 10 hrs they get paid the same.
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    Some strange responses here. I know our mileage tractors go 72. They have them turned up so they can get paid the same and have a shorter day/get the volume there faster.

    Not sure what about this post is trolling? I was just asking a question. I am filling in for the run tonight and was told the run is being watched very closely and to go 68. In 3 years I have never been told to drive faster than 65. Posted speed limit is 70mph.
  9. feeder05

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    posted for this state is 60mph...I'll set cruise at 57 or I'll drive around 59-60. My time on road is my time...I adjust for time of day and weather conditions.
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    The speed limit is whatever conditions will allow. I drive mostly at night so even when the speed limit is 65 my cruise is set to 62. This also helps to maintain sufficient following distance with other vehicles. If its lower I just drive the lower limit because so few people actually drive the lower limits.
  11. 104Feeder

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    I think the OP is referring to the "Corporate" speed limit of 65 mph as we have had posted in a memo years ago. That's pretty much been thrown out the window now, and they are fine with you going 68 (what the governor is set at) here where most highways are 75 mph. Of course, if you have an accident your speed will be looked at regardless of what the limits are.

    Our mileage tractors are not turned up anymore although some of the extended centers still enjoy that modification.
  12. cachsux

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    I don't know about "they" have the tractors turned up but I do know that NONE of the mechanics here will touch it and risk their jobs so I'm curious who the "they" trying to get it done is. As far as being "told" to go a speed not even God himself will " tell" me what speed to go. A professional driver determines that himself as conditions require. How much the route is being watched or how "hot" the load is never one of those conditions.

    Sorry if the trolling comment was unwarranted but BC is awash in threads that make folks gunshy.
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    Here, again, I say HERE, mileage tractors are turned to 72. I never did but knew that it would go there. Yes, you get paid the same, fast or slow but company reasons that they are "hot" loads and you, yes, YOU are gonna fudge.

    No, mechanics can't arbitrarily turn up any tractor that a driver wants. We found that out when new ones were delivered and assigned to mileage. One time I had one set at 65 when limit was 75 in state. I didn't care. It was a nice, easy stroll across the state. Time lost? (if you want to call it that). About 20 min each way. Big deal. What do I have to do when I go home? Nuttin.

    Other drivers would scream, I mean, literally go upstairs and SCREAM to have it turned up. We found out it has to be approved by corporate auto first and in some cases (you're gonna find this hard to believe) took almost 4 months. Mechanics need to enter their own personal code into tractor to turn up and that code is "remembered" and can be traced. So, no, no one wants to do it until authorized to.

    Being ordered to drive a certain speed? Like others have said, you are in control of this vehicle when you are behind the wheel. Only YOU can determine what is safe and what is not. Don't let them intimidate you to do something you don't feel safe doing.
  14. Pickles

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    I told the boss if I wasn't comfortable going that speed then I wasn't going to.

    All I was really saying was our mileage guys (2) go 72 generally, and our hourly's go 65. Except in this case. I hope they end up turning it into a mileage run.
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  16. Dracula

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    I go no faster than 62MPH regardless of whether the loads are hot or not. I've never had a sup say anything about my drive speed when I have my safety rides. If you drive at night on the interstates, and you go faster than 65, your eye lead time is 4 seconds, max. That's not nearly enough time to react to a situation. The bottom line is this: if you get into an accident and the telemetry shows you above the speed limit, you're toast.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    Amen, and I like what Brett said, when the speed limit is lower, like 55, set cruise at 55 and you don't have to pass anyone.
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    I spoke to an attorney about this. you could be in trouble for going the speed limit AT NIGHT if you get into an accident. it's called going too fast for conditions. he told me the speed limit is for IDEAL conditions. that does not include night driving, rain, snow , fog , etc etc. be careful out there.
  19. cachsux

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    There are those who will still run fast regardless. I go to work at 2-3 am across rural interstate and I'll come up on guys running 75 with a set of doubles in a state that the limit is 55 for trucks. I won't have any sympathy when they get pinched.
  20. laffter

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    I completely agree with every feeder driver who says they will drive the speed they feel comfortable at, based on conditions and the speed limit (and whatever corporate policy dictates).

    I also agree with every package driver who says they will not run their ass off to meet management's numbers. They will work at a safe and steady/brisk pace, etc.

    It's basically the same attitude on both sides, and it's fine. You don't want to lose your life or be injured over replaceable goods.

    But, at the same time, I find it a little funny how these same package drivers will bitch and moan about the sort going down so late. We have drivers who start at 8:20, and lately, the preload sort hasn't been going down 'till 8:10-8:20. The unload here pushes hourlies pretty hard. I don't doubt for a moment that it's the arrival of feeders that has to do with the sort going down so late. Local management, as far as I know, has nothing to do with their arrival times, yet that is who the drivers get angry at.

    Just an observation.