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    You ought to try working for the subcontractor for UPS which does the UPS customer service work, as in being the tracking agent on the phone who has to be the "flak catcher" for unhappy customers complaining about UPS errors, one of the people UPS indirectly pays to represent them but who has no UPS benefits and certainly not a UPS level of pay.

    You ought to try to do that job with UPS-supplied job aids which are deliberately not kept up to date so that UPS can charge the subcontractor with "quality errors" on customer service even when the phone agent faithfully adheres to the "call script" made by the subcontractor to satisfy the ever-shifting "call quality" standards with which the subcontractor's managers and supervisors are raked over the coals weekly by UPS in what are called "calibration calls".

    Yes, UPS is a great shipping company. Yes, UPS has - I believe - the best delivery drivers of any shipping company which is in business today.

    If there is a problem, and I don't believe that UPS considers it to be a problem, it is with those cynical ex-drivers promoted into management ranks who would gladly cut any co-workers' or customer's throat if it benefits them personally in the race for UPS job performance scores without regard for whether packages were delivered correctly or not.

    I am posting this message as an "anonymous guest". I am going to monitor the responses to this post to see if the people who post to this board want to see me become a registered member of the board and a regular commentator with the "customer service as seen through the eyes of an employee of the subcontractor who actually provides "UPS Customer Service" at 1-800-PICK-UPS.

    Those of you who are real UPS employees earning real UPS wages and benefits might learn a lot about the "little people" who represent you at 1-800-PICK-UPS from me, and some of what I have to say might be a pleasant surprise to you.

    For example, there is a special procedure for reporting compliments for outstanding UPS delivery people to UPS management, and "call center people" love to use it because we often have to listen to people bitching about UPS service even when there was no UPS error involved.

    It is a pleasure for us to be able to enter an official compliment into the CARES system on behalf of a customer who makes a point of calling the UPS customer service phone number 800-PICK-UPS to make their appreciation of a particular driver known to UPS. UPS drivers, when you have a shipper or consignee who compliments you personally on the outstanding manner in which you have provided customer service, I hope that you'll mention to the person complimenting you that UPS management is pleased to hear from happy customers and that you would appreciate it if they took a moment to call 800-PICK-UPS to repeat the compliment to a UPS representative so that UPS management will know that your efforts are appreciated.

    Something that we who man the phones hear every day is that most UPS shippers and consignees have a genuine personal liking and appreciation of their UPS drivers if they are acquainted with them, even if they are unhappy with something else about UPS service.

    Many drivers are effectively UPS account executives in that their excellent personal representation of UPS helps us gain and retain customers. Were you to sit in my chair for a while and answer the calls that I answer, you'd have the same appreciation of most UPS drivers that I have.
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    Re: Great UPS drivers (typos corrected)

    I agree that most drivers go out of ther way to help
    thier customers,and it must be a bitch litening to the complaints.
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    Re: Great UPS drivers (typos corrected)

    Flak Catcher,
    I hope you do become a Registered User and post about your observations. While you do work for a contractor, you are very much a part of what us employees do. When I first started, the UPS telephone center was located up the street from our Hub, and sometimes the people would come down and do our PCMs about customer concerns. Personally, I thought it was a big mistake to outsource this job to save a few bucks. When people call UPS, they should be talking to someone who works there and completely understands the business. What I mean by this, for example, is the way packages should be packed to go through our system.
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    Re: Great UPS drivers (typos corrected)

    Please register Flak. We would love to hear what you guys do.

    As for your comment of "there is a special procedure for reporting compliments for outstanding UPS delivery people to UPS management", I'm sure there is, but I'm also sure most management ignores this because I have never heard of a driver being recognized in this way. Probably just wasting your time entering compliments.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I'm surprised that UPS sub-contracts its customer service duties out..I did not know that. If you are following a "script" why is UPS raking you over the coals? Your post started off bitter the ended how you like our customers to call the 800 number for compliments.

    So what are you saying? You catch all the flak while us pkg drivers enjoy all the glamor?
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    many customers still complain about some customer service people and how the service is not like it use to be. Many of the old customer service reps worked in various jobs with ups and had a very good real life understanding of the company and daily operations. I guess its good that ups hasnt sent these jobs overseas to india. They probably know that would be a HUGE backlash from customers if that happen. Some high tech companies have sent jobs to india and then after the complaints start rolling in ship the jobs back again. India has very talanted folks but they have a problem speaking understandable english. I wish drivers would be used more for customer service instead of being used as a damn pack mule for 11 hours a day. I believe drivers are one of the few ways that ups will be able to keep the volume from fedex scavengers undercutting our accounts. Why cant ups take legal action in court. many companies do this to stop undercutting.
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    I also think that since most driver go out of their way everyday, it is pretty much expected by the public now, thus why more drivers dont get compliments on the 800 line. Something I would like to see is our own management teams giving employees a thank you once in a while. It doesnt cost anything and can make a big difference. It just doesnt happen, absolutely piss pore employee relations in my opinion. I really expect more out of a fortune 50 company the size of ups. Other companies both smaller and larger than ups have employee reconition programs that are actually very generous. Damn, all were asking for is a simple thank you, absolutely pathetic ups.:thumbdown
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    I knew alot of people that worked in our call center whose job you have replaced. Part of the driving orientation was to spend a day in the customer service building and listen in on peoples complaints. It was a first hand view of what the other part of the job has to encounter. While your job is not easy, whose job would you rather have? Would you like your job or the person you replaced? Would you like to work in the back in the package car in 100 degree wheather or in an air condioned office? The grass is always greener on the other side but we choose what side we stay on.
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    ok I not blowing smoke up my a**, but I consider my self a great ambassador for UPS and have a great repor with all my customers.:blush: I believe 98% of drivers fall within this category. Occasionally there are complaints, we ain't perfect. I 'm NOT going to tell my customers to call the 800 number every time I get a compliment, its just not me and I believe most of the drivers are the same way. I might be a smart ass:smartass:, but I truly enjoy my job for the most part and do what ever possibly to help out the customer if there is an issue(whether I text or call center to let mgmt team know if the situation or give honest advice).
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    I have heard my management team read supposed letters about drivers ging out of their way for customers. I find it humorous because I have had customers ask if my bosses had said something to me after they took the time to write and/or call in and compliment my procedures and customer service. Never have I heard a word from management about any of these. I don't need to hear it from them, but you just think it would be nice to hear something positive out of management once in a while. After 14 years with UPS, I would love to get a little pat on the back.
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    That's exactly what management is trained to do. They want you to keep striving for that pat on the back, you'll be waiting a long time.
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    I also know I have gotten those compliments, but Ive never heard a one. Let me get a complaint and it is immediate attention to that detail.
    Ive been on vaca, and got calls from my few customers who do not have reg hrs, trying to find their stuff. I answer and give them the number. My route is screwed up, trying to service everyone by noon, that I cant make time, until they tell me to tell those customers they are screwed, I try to service the ones who I know need their shipments to survive. Some simply do not care, as long as I get there. So until I get pas, I will continue doing what I do, after that its on them, I work as instructed. AS of yet, no one has told me to change my routine. But it would be nice if compliments were showered as well as the ni3 phone, who suddenly on day 3 needs a re attempt asap, and I never knocked rang the bell, just left a notice.
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    Flak, you should register. Getting people from all phases of our Co. to this board only increases everyone`s knlowledge on how re operate, wether good or bad.
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    I think a center manager read one complimentary letter in the 15 yrs. I've been driving. We were all convinced the guy's wife had sent it in! Personally, I like my compliment at Christmas in a nice holiday envelope!
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    Like one of the other threads mentioned,Fedex & UPS work under different rules set up by the Federal Gov' the time of the company's origin,things each of them can & can't do_One is governed by the rules of say the FAA(Fedex) and the other(UPS) is governed by th Federal Trade Commission,different standards,that is why UPS & Teamsters are trying to get the Gov't make it easier to let Fedex employees unionize,if Fedex's hourly wage was brought up to union standards they wouldn't be able to compete.That's why Fedex is fighting to stay under the FAA rules.
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    Holy "I don't know what thread I'm in" Batman! :laugh::w00t::laugh:
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    If I have a customer with a problem that I can't solve, I call the 800 number for them. I have found over the years that I can 'cut to the quick' with the rep who answers and take care of the problem faster that way because we speak the same language. Customers really appreciate the effort too.

    Though I understand the sentiment, I would never urge a customer to call and compliment me. I don't need them to make me look good! (All seriousness aside).

    Flak Catcher, register by all means!