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  1. This board is anonymous, so none of this "it's personal" boloney. What are Ground drivers paid in your area? Here, Ground drivers are salaried anywhere from 30,000 - 35,000 per year for 40-50 hours per week. Cost of living is low so it's not quite as bad as it sounds. It's not the best job to have, but it's certainly not the worst. No benefits typically. YOUR AREAS??? What about you BeeBeeSam? What do you pay your minions?
  2. And how many stops/hours/pickups per day?
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    I consider it their pleasure to have a job so I work them about 11 hours a day and pay $95 to $105 per day. Accidents and complaints are deducted at the end of the month.
  4. That's $8.63 to $9.54 per hour. Are you pulling my leg?
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    He didn't say what.leg.he is pulling
  6. That's 24,700 per year! Your maxed out drivers make $27,300 per year! PLEASE tell me you're joking!

    I live in one of the lowest cost of living places in the nation, so the salary I posted is livable and excusable. The equivalent in a metro area would be about $40,000 yearly. Unless you live in the rural south, your wages are criminal.
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    Hey, teachers with 4 year degrees don't make much more.
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    Haha, funny....right?

    Our lowest is one guy who works 6-7 hours, and makes about $33k. Our highest paid guy works 9-10 hours on average, and makes $45k. This doesn't include about $1-2k in bonuses they can earn per year. We don't provide health insurance yet, but we do have matching retirement.

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    This is why he claims to be making 6 figures. It's the Fred Smith way of attaining wealth.
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    my region it seems the HD guys are better off than the Ground guys

    some are clearing over $1k per week

    others are about $600 per week

    i've stated in another thread about a Ground contractor paying less than HD for some reason. Sure, most of the Ground guys are home by 1800, but not during peak where they'll be out on the trenches as late as HD
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    Bbsam gave a detailed breakdown of how he pays his drivers, and the criteria he uses for boosting their pay. I believe it was a few months ago, so you can search his postings and pull up the one in question (I know you've searched postings from long ago - so you know how to narrow a search sufficiently enough to get the info you want in a reasonable amount of time).
  12. ​Well played.
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    There is at least one driver in my station that is making less per hour than the package handler that loads his truck...
    Granted, the driver works like 50 hours a week to the handlers 20(if they're lucky), I just thought it was interesting.

    My salary as an Ops Admin is somewhere between $30K and $35K, working 30-40 hours a week. Varies based on necessity, i.e. peak season or covering vacations.
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    Thats ok, it will all come back to you. Karma is a bitch. I'm hanging with my 3 boys, living large.
  16. BBsam. what is your salary?
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    I work my ass off 60hrs a week, 150 miles a day, $750/wk, 39k/yr. Been working for my contractor for around 4 years now. I get paid vacation, no paid holidays, not benefits.
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    They could probably do better flipping burgers.
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    They are free to do so.
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    I have said before I seem to avg. $1 per delivery pkg. I do deliver as many as I can.