IF the contract is voted down, what issues do you think will be addressed?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brown_trousers, Jun 14, 2013.

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    There are many issues in this tentative agreement that teamsters are disgruntled with. Which issues do you think will be addressed if any, when a new tentative agreement is drafted? Healthcare seems to be the big one, but I'm hearing complaints all over the board, ie.. starting wages, FT progression, raises, FT job creation, retirement.

    And to add to that, how much do you think UPS would concede? My guess is that it will be proportional to the percentage of "no" votes. If the contract only loses by 5%, id bet UPS would only concede enough to sway 6% of voters back to a "yes" vote, it doesnt seem like that would motivate much improvement.
  2. First and foremost probably healthcare. Bring those Teamcare benefits back up to the level of the ups plan
  3. Hawfuh Sux

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    #1 Healthcare, abandon TEAMCARE!
    #2 2,350 full-time jobs not good enough, it should be no less than 10,000.
    #3 a catch-up raise for all part-timers and not the crappy .50 cents.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I think the first thing that will have to be addressed is how many companies will be shipping through FEDEX this summer because of a strike threat !!!
    When UPS figures out which companies are distressed, they will hopefully announce with the Teamsters that there will be no strike ever and that the contract just needs some ironing out.

    This will make FED-EX happier than a pig in slop and will further tarnish UPS's stock and union employment's toehold in American business.
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    I live in an "equal" membership co-op (individual homes / regular subdivision but condo environment set-up) and they recently re-wrote the bylaws. (Things like "Thou shall not have anything but the almighty Comcast. Stay away, free Google Fiber!! ) I received a threatening letter that said if we did not pass the by-law revision, the board would try again & have their (err... our) lawyer speak to each of us individually. At at estimated cost of $800 per share, which would conveniently be billed to us.
  6. HubBub

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    Nothing will be addressed, a small signing bonus will be tacked on. Maybe H&W contributions would be increased slightly.
  7. sigreq

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    What do you think the chance of a strike? I was hired in 02 so I missed out on the strike, but things are a lot different now than they were then. I think hoffa knows he can't afford it, will we just keep working under the current contract and for how long?
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    Personally, if the contract is voted down I see one of two options. If the teamsters come out and say there will be no strike, just further negotiations, you may see UPS quickly add something small (a small signing bonus) to PT folks to get them to sign. However, if a strike is threatened and volume diverts. Then I see UPS pulling out the big guns and work on getting rid of the union and going more to a FDX model, or possibly an employee based model but at significantly lower pay and significantly worse HW and no pension (outside of a matching 401K). If they do that, there will be hundreds of thousands of people trying to get the jobs. It will be ugly, service will suffer for a while and we will lose business. However, we will also come back at a vastly lower cost points to serve customers. We don't need the same training for inside like we used to. We'll have to send out a lot more drivers and a lower SPC until the drivers get used to deliverying. However, at a rate of about 1/2 we can afford to. Or what UPS may do, is send letters to the spouses of the UPS drivers and let them know what will happen.
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    I would also address healthcare and to quote another member abandon Teamcare ! Another issue that is new in this contract deals with the issue of being injured on the job.. The company now wants new language stating that if say me ( currently out on comp) a feeder driver, if I am unable to perform my job, I can no longer sue the company for not being able to work.. The company graciously is offering to allow us injured workers to accept a part time job that we care able to do with our restrictions/disabilities. They will allow us to work a part time position and if we become well enough within three years we will be able to go back to our former position, if it is available.. Another issue is retiree's healthcare. When I started , yeah it was a very different time, there was no cost for our insurance when we retired, then it started to creep up and up and up..Here is the south a single person pays 250 for insurance when they retire, I may be wrong, but I think UPS mgmt pays in the area of 98.00 a month for a single person when retiring..( that may be an old figure) nevertheless, if our union and Central states can not do better, than to hell with them, find another company to administer our insurance. CS insurance (been in it for 26 years) has been on the decline for at least 18 years. So in a nut shell get rid of CS ! Also, this may be trivial, but they preach safety, how about bringing back the sometimes silly safe driving awards, christians turkey, and since they are getting bonus's and stock options, how about our christmas bonus or a signing bonus !
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    Similar to a point I've previously made... UPS is in a strong cash position within a weak labor market & could've forced a strike / broke the Teamsters if it really wanted to (felt it was within its best interests). Of course, we had oodles of drivers who believe $92,000/year + no-cost H&W is an insult, and nobody could possibly do the job they do for less.
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    I don't think UPS wants a strike. However, I think they are much better prepared for one then in 97. Unlike many on this board, I agree with what you just said about how people won't feel sorry for a driver to make 92K per year with a pension and with no cost HW and they reject a contract.
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    There are laws against this. No apt complex or anything like that can force u to use their services. Use to many had by laws that said no sat dishes. They are all illegal and u can do as u please.
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    That was a depressing thought.
    At this pointe, no one knows what to expect.
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    Crap I know what you mean. I'm glad I left that BS a long time ago and moved out to the country where no one tells me what cable I have to have or what color to paint my house.
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    Oh, you're that guy with the bright blue house with the red metal roof.
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    In 2003 the contract passed with 63 % yes, this one will pass somewhere in the fifties because of the die-hard Hoffa ( small case on purpose ) kiss-asses.

    however, if by some small miracle it does not pass, the big issue is healthcare, retiree healthcare costs, and part-timer issues. the financial package was pretty much well received. the company bet that most Teamsters would be blinded by that and not put too much emphasis on other issues and they were probably right.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    The problem is there is not ONE underlying issue Hoffa/hall can circle and say that's what we need changed.

    Every post on this site about voting NO has the whole contract unworthy

    At least when we striked in '97, Full time jobs and Part time poverty was the rallying cry

    Right now, there is no voice, only whining !!
  18. East coast navy

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    That might be better. People where following Ron. Now people are speaking out on their own. It is also about the Hoffa/hall slate. People are regretting their vote for these clowns.
  19. Hawfuh Sux

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    In 1997, UPS was offering the same amount of full-time jobs hall is selling us out for today, 2350.

    In 1997, the starting wage at UPS was $8.00 an hour. After the strike it went up just .50 cents.

    Today, part-time workers (67% of the total UPS work force) are poorer than they were in 1997.

    Today, 140,000 UPSers will pay a heavy price when we get merged into that garbage healthplan a.k.a. TEAMCARE.

    140,000 UPSers will go from paying $0 in deductibles to $400. They will also go from paying $5 on prescription medication to; $50 for that same prescription.

    Retirees in the areas covering those 140,000 UPSers currently pay $50 a month for a company provided superior healthcare; if this TA passes they will pay $300 per month for an inferior health plan.

    In these areas we are able to retire at Golden 80, if this garbage passes the Golden 80 is eliminated and we won't be able to retire with full benefits until we're 55 years old. Currently we have people retiring at 48 years of age with a full pension and full benefits!

    Right now and more than ever there is a huge reason for everyone to vote NO!
  20. ogrelord

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    it's not to much difference from 97, Where's the 22.3 full time jobs. We still have part time poverty but now you add harassment, 9.5 rules, smart post. We did the give backs last contract. Remember the CS health plan? the 22.3 jobs that were never made? At what point is UPS going to tell me I need to pay them just to work for a fine company like UPS.

    If I was doing a new TA I would do health care and make drivers and CS have the better benefits. Enforce the 9.5 , let part timers start at 10.00 an hour. and do what ever I could to keep the pension the same or better. The 2 things that has set UPS apart is it's health care and it's pension. I would be cool with .35 cents an hour raise and have the rest go towards are pension