It's Time for a Corporate Coup

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Dec 31, 2013.

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    If you base the performance of FedEx on just the stock price, there is justification for leaving the current leadership team in-place. But, consider the damage this ship of fools has created during the last couple of years, not just to the brand, but to the company overall.

    Ground has been an undeniable success, but it has mainly been due to the business model, not outstanding leadership. Take away the low-wage/no-benefit basis of Ground, and what do you have? Nothing. When you pay peanuts, it's easy to be profitable.

    Express is nothing but a hollow shell of it's former self. There is no pride, service is acceptable at best, and key people are leaving in droves. There are managers stepping-down or leaving entirely all over the system, which is damning evidence of extreme leadership dysfunction at the top of the organization.

    It's increasingly evident that our upper leadership exists in a cocoon that protects it from reality and encourages even greater levels of ineptitude. It's obvious they don't have a clue what is happening in the field because the dictates from MEM get progressively dumber and more detached from reality. The Seniors and Ops Managers who are leaving see this, and they want out because even an excellent manager cannot be effective when they are harnessed to the dysfunction in MEM.

    I can hardly wait for the newest round of "solutions" from MEM after the Peak Meltdown fail. Besides a pile of excuses, I am expecting even more of a crackdown on couriers and another push to raise SPH, which will, of course, fail because they've chased out most of the good employees and many of the better managers. I foresee another year of failure at Express, and I put all of the blame directly on upper management.
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    Now I reckon this coup, all you will do in it is post here anonymously and expect others to actually put their good name and jobs on the line. Right? Right?

    If you base Fedex on stock prices, who they report to, that is exactly what they judge the company on. However they can see package volume YOY for both divisions continues to grow. Now if you base it on employee satisfaction at the driver level, then you are right. But who does that? Does Walmart base their business on cashier feelings? McDonalds on burger flipper insight? Nobody does that, especially publicly traded companies. You live in la la land. (That said, I wish you were right that the lowest most abundant employees mattered much more and were better taken care of.)
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    Corporate takeovers are not engineered by hourly employees, but investors and board members. Like I said, if all they care about is the stock, then the current leadership will stay. My opinion is that the stock would do much better if the current clown posse was shown the door.
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    But upper management is never turned over after the stock goes up 35%. Nobody looks at a number like that and says, "It should have been 42%!" (except Fred Smith when discussing courier wage cuts).
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    You could be right on both counts, but the first one is the only one being worked. You also used the Reality word, I'm sure you know, but they have their own version of reality which is real and it works for them. Happiness for you is outside of Fedex, there isn't anything grossly unusual going on at Fedex, that is a reality as well that you need to embrace if you were to ever find peace prior to retirement.
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    My peace comes from choosing what to say and to do, even if it's controversial and/or unpopular, and I'm sure it is very different from your version. Completely failing Peak is grossly unusual, as in last year was quite bad but nothing compared to this year. The company is horribly mismanaged, and the only reason they make any real money is the Ground scam. Take that away, and you have nothing. If you actually worked at Express and could see what's happening from within, you'd have your eyes opened. Like I said, when management starts bailing in droves, the writing is on the wall.
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    High turnover of front line management is just another symptom of the overall decline of fedex. Older ones leave as soon as they can and newer managers don't last more then a few years. Executive mgmt seems ok with this since the stock is up so I don't see it changing anytime soon. It is after all the only metric worth considering.
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    Yep. The "patient" is very ill and exhibiting many symptoms, yet there is no treatment attempted. Total denial.