Mock Keter Audit

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    To My Fellow UPS Workers,

    The purpose of this discussion thread is not to gripe or complain about conditions at UPS, management, the Union or for that matter anything at all about UPS. The sole purpose of this discussion thread is to discuss the following work-related issue with other employees as an initial step in engaging in some concerted activity to bring this issue up to the company as a group.

    It is my hope that by addressing this issue in concert we not only be working for our own mutual aid, protection and improved working conditions, but we will be working for the benefit of any and all coworkers that may have been adversely affected by this issue.

    This post is about the Inspections that are commonly referred to as Mock Keter Audits. They are usually done by company safety and health professionals.

    The Teamster National Master United Parcel Service Agreement states in Article 18 Section 20.4 that the 4th listed function of the collectively bargained Union Employee Safety Committee is as follows:

    4. Accompanying governmental, union, and/or Company health and safety professionals on facility inspection tours. The Employer may limit the number of bargaining unit members of the committee accompanying such an inspection tour.

    In my area I have never seen any bargaining unit members accompanying these inspection tours.

    Have you?

    Over the years I have seen many inspections being done by company officials without any bargaining unit members accompanying them.

    I wonder why, in my area at least, has the Employee Safety Committee completely neglected this critical duty to observe these inspection tours as stated in the agreement.

    What are your thoughts, opinions and experience about this issue?

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    Safety committee is code for "I'll take a no pay and hold a clipboard."
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    What's a Keter audit?
  5. Who
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    Oh you're back?
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

  8. I don't know. Do you?
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    Left field.
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    Integrity would ask why it's 5. Then after answered would ask again a different way.
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    Sad but true lmfao.
  13. Rainman

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    I know of a co chair who has participated in real Keter audits.

    Like the rest of hourly, CHSP members are drilled on DOK, plus are asked additional questions. Most prefer to answer the questions and then get the heck out of sight, so they won't be asked more questions that they might not know the answer to.
    No matter if you are CHSP or not, flying low on the radar is always a good idea.

    Kmart sux. So does Walmart. And Orion.
  14. You think he's management?
  15. By The Book

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    Not to upset you but of all places to look for accountability and you go Keter audit? I would recommend you getting onto a safety committee. If your on one usually the union co chair is chosen for that. I'm really curious as to what's really bothering you. Is it the agenda?, or things getting overlooked that you feel are unsafe?
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    Oh you don't know integrity? He only asks questions. Never answers them.
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    My bad, sorry!
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    Thats called a SHIZZLE stirrer
  19. scooby0048

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    I've never seen members accompanying them. It is usually some head honcho and anytime these tours come in, it seems all the bargaining members have mysteriously vanished like UPS is ashamed of us.