Pearl Harbor Day

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Slothrop, Dec 7, 2006.

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    In this day of phony wars for phony reasons, we should stop and remember what happened on this day of infamy in 1941.

    Certainly 'The Greatest Generation'.

    Thanks, dad.
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    We were attacked and then we went and blew the enemy to smithereens.......maybe we need a repeat performance with our present enemy.
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    Oh, by the way, the same sentiment was spoken by an 83 yr. old lifer, purple heart vet that I had coffee with this morning..
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    We blew that opportunity when we diverted our attention from bin Laden to Iraq.
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    If you ever go to Hawaii, you should visit the USS Arizona Memorial which was built over what is now the sunken tomb of over a thousand American sailors. To this day, sixty-five years later, drops of fuel oil still bubble up to the surface of the water. At one end of that Memorial, there is a wall with all their names listed. To the left of that wall, is a newer list of the survivors of the attack that when they die, they have their remains put in the battleship's hull so they can rejoin their fallen shipmates. This is a hallowed place and makes one think.

    I was thinking about this today as I was going to my brother-in -laws funeral. There is a stretch of highway above Columbus Ga. where Fort Benning is thats called the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway. He was my age, only 48, and was a retired Army SFC. He had a military funeral, the 21 gun salute and taps was very moving. God bless all our troops.
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    my father-in-law was in the navy stationed on the uss pennsylvania on that deadful day. he was a memeber of pearl harbor survivors chap 7 of center ny. my wife and i still go to the meetings even though he is no longer with us. yesterday there were only 8 memebers that showed up. there are not many left so if you run into one of these guys sit down if you can for a minute or two they love to talk about that terrible day. and if you do get the chance listen to them and you will never hear them say they are heros. they say the only heros are the ones that did not make it.
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    Well said Slothrop.

    It was sad yesterday in watching the news about the Pearl Harbor survivors coming together for the 65th anniversary and with only a handfull of survivors now, this may likely be the last.

    It was enlightning yesterday to read some about Admiral Yamamoto would was US educated and who opposed going to war with the US because he felt ultimate victory was not attainable. He even stated that the first year he'd throw everything at it but that if it lasted longer than that, the ability for Japan to win was very remote at best. In 1943' when he was killed after his plane was shot down, Japan had no real naval thinker and plan and the rest as they say was history.

    He is worth reading about if you get the chance.

    Even though I'd like for once to keep this thread away from the political but the:
    is dead on the money! I'll leave it at that!