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  1. Dr.Brownz

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    Just wondering what kinds of fantasy PPH numbers do they try and force on you part timers in the hubs for load or unload?
  2. GenericUsername

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    They tell me that I'm supposed to load over 1200 pieces at the back of the belt. I happen to have a 24 foot box truck and 3 1000s (the box & 1 car are a mall route.) The 2 actual routes average 300 pieces daily and the mall fluctuates drastically from around 300-400 to 600 on some days.
  3. Clock Sucker

    Clock Sucker I handle a lot of packages

    I remember an old PT sup once told the person spa'ing they weren't making their numbers. I never understood that because they can only scan as fast as the packages come out of the trailer lol
  4. billerz

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    When I loaded trailers they wanted around 400 pph, the highest they ever wanted was 460 pph. I averaged around 330 during the five years I did that.
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  7. browntroll

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    i think they updated it for this year so now its 1500pph for unload but not sure about loading, i do pick off so it doesnt
    matter to me. its possible to do 1500pph but not gonna happen from everybody or every hour.
  8. Bastiatian

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    To load trailers, they want 300-400 around here. Average is 240. Supervisors, when asked, will say 6 per minute, which works out to 360. Seems simple enough. Then you have to go break jams every five scans, or help dig somebody out of their trailer, etc..

    The fastest loader in the building gets 420-430 every night in the heaviest area. About once or twice a month he breaks 500. But that particular outbound area doesn't get irregs, and the supervisor pushes his flow to him all night.

    I averaged 320. I left the outbounds on Midnight to go sort (and sometimes charge) on Preload. Much easier. A month in, and thus far nobody's mentioned anything about numbers to me.

    As for unloading...I've only done it twice. They told me they wanted 1 per second, or 3600 PPH when I did though.
  9. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut This Is The Last Stop

    Our building switched to extendos (telescoping belts rather than sets of rollers) years ago. 650 pph was the number they wanted when I was loading. Only the suckers hit that number but most were at at least 400.

    I wouldn't take driver pay to go back to that.
  10. billerz

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    If i could get driver pay to load trailers, I'd be back yesterday. That job is so brainless, u don't have to worry about accidents or commit times. Just load boxes and let the sup worry about everything, cake.
  11. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut This Is The Last Stop

    You're right it's a brain dead job.
    I was dying in there. Bored out of my mind.
    At least I can catch a breeze driving. I'll pass on the 53 foot solar ovens.
  12. Bastiatian

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    At my best, I've done 900...crappy walls, ideal circumstances, someone pushing flow to me...But that only lasted for 20 minutes. If a supervisor came around and told me they needed me at 600+, I'd just stare at them until they let me leave. Our best guys are capable of it, but nobody does 600+ all night around here. Nobody.

    We have extendos, but not on every door. According to the people I've asked, "corporate only lets us have a certain number of them." It's stupid because we need a lot more of them, and our TOFC rollers aren't exactly in great shape either.