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  1. Per the New England supplement UPS is supposed to afford 15% of eligible employees the opportunity to receive a vacation.
    We have 21 eligible employees and yet they are only offering 3 people off during the summer months. Calculations prove this is only 14.29% so we wrote out a grievance and everyone on the preload signed it. We feel they should offer a fourth person off during the summer.
    Our business agent calls our steward back and tells him that per a panel decision some 20 years ago that this is ok the way it is, and they he doesn't feel that the locals money should be wasted trying to fight this.
    I'm not sure if I am more :censored2: at UPS for blatantly not following the contract or my BA for not standing up and fighting for what we feel is a cut and dry issue.
    I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on this. I would also like to know if anyone can tell me where I would be able to research panel decisions myself. Is there a public site online that could help?
    I would also be interested to hear from you guys how many people are on your vacation list, and how many UPS allows your center to have off in the summer. I would love to hear from everyone but I am particularly interested in those who are under the New England supplement.
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    Your Business Agent is right. If there is a panel decision on this and the language has not changed then there would be no reason to take it any farther. The fight has already been made and a decision rendered. Why try it again?
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    That's about right, our center has around 50 drivers and usually 7 or 8 go on vacation at a time.

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  4. So what happens if we all took the extra week instead of sick days?.....We would have more vacations to be picked than we have weeks available!!! So when vacation weeks run out the last few guys just don't get any??
    If this panel decision were somewhat recent I would be more understanding....but a 20 year old decision??
    I want to know where I can see these decisions for myself. How are we sure that the facts from that case were similar to ours?
  5. mike1646

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    In some centers people with low seniority don't get summer vacations, so yes they're out of luck and will have to pick other weeks.

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  6. Mike we would be out of ALL vacation weeks not just summer!! Then what??
  7. mike1646

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    Then they need to hire more people to cover them, our center is getting old, 80% of the drivers have over 20 years and good vacation weeks are tough to get.

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  8. This is my point with giving us the summer vacations we are deserved per the contract!! They are going to have to hire summer help anyhow so what's the big deal with giving us 4 off during summer instead of 3? If anything the summer help would be cheaper than using a normal preloader!
  9. Our top three on preload take 21 weeks of the 81 available. Top 6 take up damn near half of the 81.
  10. Jackburton

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    One day you'll be there looking down, then you can give up your slot to someone else if you want, until then pay your dues.
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  11. BigUnionGuy

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    Article 61 section 9.... of the New England Supplement states....

    "(a) During each week of the months of June, July and August, and the first two weeks of September the Company will afford fifteen percent (15%) of the eligible employees in each Center the opportunity to receive a vacation. Selection shall not be mandatory."

    21 eligible employees x 15% = 3.15

    Did 21 people.... fail basic math ??

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  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    They need to change the way we choose our vacations. We should pick two weeks in the first round, two weeks in the second and two weeks in the third.

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  13. Just YOU failed math. 3 vacations out of 21 people = 14.29 %
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  14. 3.15 > 3
    3.15 < 4
  15. Usually I don't agree with you but I am with you on this quote. Hell I would even let the top guys pick 3 weeks in the first round.
  16. Dude I have 17 years in. It's not about me paying my dues it's about UPS giving what the contract says. Even if I were the top dog I'd have a problem with not having enough vacation weeks available for the lower people.
  17. Johney

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    Not sure where you are but here to avoid that problem they get our option selection before we pic vacations. So at the time we select they already know who is taking their option week as vaca and who is not. So they will arrange the schedule to accommodate all weeks needed.
  18. BigUnionGuy

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    21 x 15% = 3.15

    21 x 14.79% = 3.1059

    What kind of schools do they have.... where you are at ??

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  19. We do that Johney and you can best bet next year the few of us who take the days will take the extra week. I would have loved to see how they would have made the few weeks they would have been short up. If they would give us 4 people off in the summer like the contract says we would have plenty of vacation weeks and there would be no problem.
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    Take out your handy dandy calculator machine, and multiply 21 * .15 (Which is 15%). It is 3.15, you round that down to 3. You lose, no summer Vacay for you. Enjoy Your march vacation weeks Billy