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    I've been with the company over 15 years but less than 20(protecting myself), and I have to say that I have never felt so offended, and disrespected as I was on Friday when I received my "Holiday Turkey Coupon". I understand times are hard everywhere. We are all hurting a little more or alot more than last year. But last time I checked, UPS is still going to profit upwards of $5Billion this year.(Correct me if I am wrong) Many of us enjoyed that one day a year where you would walk out and receive your turkey and a smile from someone in H.R. wearing a santa hat and get handed a nice calendar. It was a good warm feeling for that one day each year......"The tradition of the turkey shows how close we are to our people"...."Passed down from Jim, the recognition continues this holiday season".....Excuse me UPS, I didn't get a turkey. I received a $15 coupon towards a turkey or turkey product. Maybe I could get a pidgeon or a cornish hen, but that $15 coupon isn't buying any tukey around where I live. Maybe I could buy 3.5lbs of turkey lunch meat instead?
    Scott Davis, you've dropped the ball on this one. Everyone makes mistakes, I understand. Hopefully next year you understand that spending that extra couple of million to give turkeys, rather than a b.s. coupon that the checker says, "what the f_ck is this?", will be well spent money.
  2. JimJimmyJames

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    I wish we could spend the $15 on anything we wanted.

    But anywho, if cutting spending here and there helps us to remain competitive and keep more of us employed, I have to support it.

    Remember, they set profit goals that must be maintained as much as possible in order to keep the stock price growing, or at least stable.

    I still don't like it any more than you though.
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    I totally agree. The tradition was always neat and unique. How many other big companies stood out in the freezing cold handing out turkeys? It's a shame that it probably won't happen ever again. Gift cards are nice, But they are something of the present times and future.

    I know people are going to bash these statements by you and me, But you are correct. This company is still profiting big time even during the worse times we are in. It would be like Exxon-Mobile, Or Walmart cutting nice benefits from their employees...I know they are not cutting it out completely and it's still nice. I appreciate it still..

    What gets me, Is that we have to suffer in order to make ends meet. I bet Scott Davis won't give up his private jet and other great assets that he gets, Just like the Big three
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    we recieved our calender/turkey card last week..the calendar looked as though it was printed on the lobby copier which was kinda funny.for those who dont know you can use your turkey card for deli meats not just a whole turkey.

    I myself would rather see ups cut cost on most every senseless avenue than to squander $$ to make you feel good.You know the HR employee handing out a turkey was nothing more thna a dog an pony show anyhow. I wonder how much it cost for ups to purchase a turkey have them delivered to every district an keep them in frozen trailers for the week. Probably more than we relaize. Regardless we get paid very well so i can let the turkey /calendar slide...But Merry Christmas to all....i try to never use the words happy holidays an i hope you pass it along.
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    unfortunately, this pre-dates s. davis. louisville air (due to its # of employees ) has not had turkeys for 4-5 years. the turkey coupons are old hat...
  6. chev

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    I'm just happy to have a job. My coupon will be donated to a charity just like my turkey has been in previous years.

    I understand the sentiment of old, but some things like gifts should be looked upon as just that. A gift. This is not a contract issue.
  7. Monkey Butt

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    Thanks for the turkey UPS.

    I bought a 14.4 pound turkey at $0.79/pound for $11.38 and got the full $15 taken off the grocery bill ... I'm a happy guy!

    Ain't life great?
  8. worldwide

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    favrefan posted "I've been with the company over 15 years but less than 20(protecting myself), and I have to say that I have never felt so offended, and disrespected as I was on Friday when I received my "Holiday Turkey Coupon". "

    Are you joking? "offended and disrespected" by being given a gift? You really have quite the sense of entitlement.

    BTW, my local Hannaford has frozen turkeys on sale for $0.99/lb. Last year the UPS turkeys were about 13-14 pounds so what are you losing?

    Be thankful you have a well-paying job that is more secure than most others. BTW, last time I checked, unemployment was around 6% and rising. The Labor Department said last week that initial applications for jobless benefits rose to 573,000, the highest reading since November 1982. Chapter 7 filings rose 40% to 679,982 in the 12 months that ended Sept. 30.

    You still feeling "offended and disrespected"?
  9. cino321

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    Someone told me they were only handing out the cards this year because there was a problem with one of their distributors. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. rocket man

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    OFFENDED We havent recived ours yet.
  11. pretzel_man

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    Life must be good if we can find time to complain about receiving a $15 coupon towards a turkey.

    The communications explained that the reason was that the distributer was having business problems and could not fulfill our order. (or something like that)

    To complain about a company that issued $6 million in coupons just doesn't seem right.

    BTW, I would have preferred a turkey instead of the coupon but I understand and am still thankful.

  12. drewed

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    Exactly, as one of my coworkers so eloquently puts it pull up you big boy drawers and cry me a river
  13. edd_tv

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    ditto as above. thanks for the thought. as much as they put us thru daily at least they offered something in return. i am grateful for a job that lets me live comfortably. any turkey or turkey card is icing on the cake.

    i know of several hundred steel workers close to me who all got pink slips for thier christmas bonus.
  14. brownmonster

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    If we want a calender, we dig it out of the box. No elf ever handed it to us. HR is an hour away. No idea who our rep even is. We had to climb in the back of a frozen feeder trailer to get our turkey. I'll take the gift card. Wife got a turkey at the store for .49 a pound with a 20$ purchase. So this year I get 2 15 pound turkeys. I can donate one and keep one. Good deal.
  15. Bad Gas!

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    Where did you purchase you turkey, Hoax?
  16. DownsizedUPS'er

    DownsizedUPS'er missing my UPS family

    thank you for posting these very important numbers. please be thankful for you jobs. i would give anything to have my job back, even if it means no turkey. i never kept mine anyway, gave it to the homeless shelters, and said there but by the grace of G-d go i.
  17. Monkey Butt

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    Publix (Grocery store chain)
  18. Sac Hub Sorter

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    who gets paid well...i don`t...i didn`t get a turkey last year either
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  19. toonertoo

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    Ditto here, we never saw any smiling elves with little red hats, just more in the back end of a cold truck where we have been all day.
    I thought the turkey was great, I think the card is fine. Actually better as you can more easily slip it in a card to someone, or in your wallet. I dont see why anyone would be so miffed because it changed. Im happy to get it.
    And unless you live in a turkey free state, 15$ buys a lot of turkey. More than the 10 to 12 pd we got before.
  20. chev

    chev Nightcrawler

    Those who stick around to secure full time work get paid very well. Even part timers that have been around a while get paid nicely. Between the pay and benefits, I would say it is a good deal. A lot better than many people in this country that don't get benefits or have to pay through the nose for them.

    It amazes me how complacent people get when they don't realize what they truly have.

    Sorry to hear you did not get your gift last year.