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  1. blacknproud

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    I was told a little ways back that no UPSer can solicit for any cause no matter what, whats the deal with this United Way crap being rammed down our throats every year? I personally will never give to them, I would rather give to a real non profit like the Salvation Way at least they don't have a CEO who makes millions like the joke United Way...

  2. MonavieLeaker

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    I stopped giving to UW after 05....from 2000-2005 I always gave $3..so I think theyve gotten enough $$ from me :lol::thumbup1:
  3. MR_Vengeance

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    once the center manager talked me for 25 minutes about giving money to them. :cursing:
  4. tieguy

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    the united way collects fund for charities in your community. You should be able to donate to the salvation army through united way.
  5. local804

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    Why not just give directly to the Salvation Army and cut out the middle man?
    There are no "administation fees" if its done this way.
  6. VTBrown

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    There are thousands of ways you can donate money in a much more efficient way then the United Way.

    Find a local charity you believe in and give them the money directly instead of the United Way.

    I did my yearly $5.00 a week, not much but coming up through progression it was all I was going to give at the time.

    This time around the center manager was a bit more interested in getting "the centers" numbers up in regards to participation then I cared for. I was going to donate zero this time around but still did the $5.00. Though I feel like canceling that.

    It's the last time I'm made to feel like I have to donate.
  7. moreluck

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    Every year this topic comes up and it's the same griping & complaining only from different people.

    Somebody ALWAYS says, I'd rather give directly to my fav. charity.......so just do it and be a silent giver.
  8. over9five

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    More, the reason it comes up every year is that the money (your money), is practically extorted from you!

    This year, we were all brought into the managers office, independently, for some one on one arm twisting. This may not be a big thing for a more senior person, but it's pretty damn intimidating for some young kid.

    I've always called the UPS/United Way thing The Unholy Alliance. I believe that if they want a donation, maybe they could mail you a donation card. It shouldn't be done at work.

    This being said, I do donate. It's the easiest way (for me) to contribute to charity, and I can only hope my money is doing someone some good.
  9. scratch

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    We are pressured to give, and management is pressured to give even more than we do. I finally gave the minimum this year after opting out the last few years. I give my money directly and volunteer time to other organizations that do a better job than United Way. The management team is pressured to meet a certain goal in their Center every year. We should just be given a handout or have something mailed to us, not dragged into the office and made to fill guilty about it if we don't want to give. The United Way is a fine way to help people if you don't want to do the actual work yourself. I get more personal satisfaction by working hands on with some of these organizations. I presently am a Project COPE Program Director with the Atl. Area Council of the BSA. In the past, I have built a few Habitat for Humanity homes. Fantastic program, I could frame my own house now. I have also worked a soup kitchen feeding homeless people and done a few can food drives. Those really make you appreciate what we are lucky to have. I will encourage everyone to try to do something in your community. Its hard with our hours and demands of our jobs, but the emotional rewards to yourself are priceless.
  10. LKLND3380

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    I stopped after 9/11... There was a story that the money people were giving for the 9/11 fund were going towards buying United Way new computers and office furnature... Not to mention the raise the CEO got... I think some people resigned after that mess...
  11. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    You were on the clock... right?
  12. Harley Rider

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    And I thought I was the only one that felt they were being extorted by UPS every year. I quit giving several years ago and told them I did not like their strong arm methods. I even refused to sign the form telling them I was not giving. Told the supervisor that if they didn't get the form back then they would know not to withhold any money.

    This year after the meeting our supervisor announced that he would like to see everyone give something so we could be 100%. Right then I asked where the line was to check that I was not giving. He was an unhappy camper to say the least.

    We still give to United Way through the wifes job and several other charities. It will be a cold day before UPS will ever see me give through the company again.
  13. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    I think you can log all those hours in at UPSers.com...

    I mean UPS should get credit for your good deeds done on your time...
  14. scratch

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    I could, but I don't. I don't do those things for UPS, I do them for other people. My wife does twice as much helping with food and clothes for the needy. I could probably log those hours and go after some award, but that is not what it is all about. The only award I want is the smile on someone's face when they are helped or just a simple "thanks".
  15. feederrat1

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    Sorry, a little off topic, but if the loaders and drivers with girls in the scouts don't let me know about them thinmints I 'd be upset! And it's a charity!
  16. MR_Vengeance

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    haha you bet :biggrin: i just said NO at the end.
  17. DS

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    I always give $2 a pay but I've had my doubts about how they use the money.I found some facts online in about.com.
    Comments: Here are the most accurate figures for the above-listed executives I could find in reliable sources:
    • Marsha J. Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross, was paid $468,599 in salary and benefits in fiscal 2003. (Source: BBB Wise Giving Alliance)
    • Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way, was paid $432,709 in salary and benefits in fiscal 2003. (Source: Charity Navigator)
    • W. Todd Bassett, National Commander of the Salvation Army, was paid (along with his wife, who also works for the organization) $94,091 in salary and benefits in 2003 (including house and car). (Source: Fayetteville Observer)
  18. Whitey

    Whitey Guest

    I would like to know how much the CEO of United Way makes..I need this to throw back in my center manager face. He questioned me why I wouldn't give this year and twisted everyone else arms to give. Look this is a freewill donation don't try to make us feel like it is a have to do.
  19. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    What got me this year was, the minimum you could donate was $24 for the year. I insisted that i would give $23 but they would not allow me, so they get NOTHING. How can you tell me the minimum i can donate?
  20. LKLND3380

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    But if you don't turn in the paper, they will track you down... I would think no paper turned in is a NO but they dont agree...