We are nothing but numbers

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    Have you noticed? We are rarely treated like people anymore as drivers. Obviously the reports. No matter how well the center does the lowest ranking person gets the bulls eye in each category. Nothing that goes wrong cannot be blamed on the driver. I feel safety is #1 because it costs UPS money, nothing else. Where is the ERI/TLAs? They know what we think and could care less to hear it. Everyday, send out the drivers with 9.2 min. "If they can't do it there is someone waiting in line who will". Safety awards, no. Retirement awards, no. I can understand if this company was only making millions in profit, but we are still making billions in profits. We are never thanked, only diciplined.

    IMO the company should consider its people to be more than just a piece of equipment. They are hell bent on squeezing every cent out of every possible operation. A poor long term statagy. Unhappy drivers make unhappy customers. There is no future in company that values greed above everything.

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    my new favorite word is no when a customer says can you before they finish i say no
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    It's the free market and UPS exists for only one reason: To return a profit to it's shareholders.
    Your relationship with company is strictly business: Selling them your labor for a negotiated hourly rate.

    I took this job for the pay and health benefits, not safety and years of service awards. The only value those things have is what I can sell them for on Ebay.
    I would rather have a raise than a pat on the back.
    I am glad the company is "hell bent on squeezing every cent out of every possible operation", because companies that don't do that don't last long, and I don't feel like job hunting right now.
    If you're an unhappy driver it's your own fault, not the company's. Only you can make yourself happy.
    If you're making the the customers unhappy because you're unhappy then you're not doing your job and you're the one with the poor long term strategy.
    It's a job (and a pretty good one), don't try and make it into more than that. Work as instructed and cash your check on Friday.
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    "when the goin' gets tough, the tough get goin". I've got your back.
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    Let me know how that thought works out for ya.
  6. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    jones,, and whiskey,, hot Damn i like to hear that..,,,people take this way to serious,, we are EMPLOYED by ups,, its there rules,,..tighten your belt and handle it,,thats why we get paid to do what we do
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    You are correct, I can and will keep coming to work and cashing the check (which is up 25% this year thanks to OT).

    Thanks for the pep talk, my comments were both frivolous and out of line.

  8. brownmonster

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    There was truth to some of your thoughts. Bottom line, do the job, get the pay.
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    Hang in there 'Bro.
    You drivers are the face of the company.
    I am happy to see my driver everyday. That short term BS at the Center is just that........short term.
    The majority of the the time you are out, on your own..That has a lot of value
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    Exactly. We spend 20 minutes in the building in the morning, 15 in the building at night, and the other 10 hours we are on our own. Learn to cherish that time and get to know your customers. My customers really look forward to seeing me and can really improve my mood if I'm having a bad day.
  11. hurricanegunner

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  12. fxdwg

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    My comments are meant to inspire good feelings. When I worked at UPS, I was so miserable because I let it all get to me.
    Now, I'm happy and those of you still there, I want you to be happy too.

    Happiness is a choice:happy-very:
  13. leastbest

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    You are wrong. We are not numbers. We are what makes the company money. Management are the numbers. Every couple years we get new ones like waves on the beach. You tolerate them but mostly ignore and do your job.
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    SWORDFISH New Member

    Anyone seen Happy Gilmore. Find your own happy place. Doesnt matter where you are UPS or otherwise the world will try to take it away(mind over matter). I agree w/ some of what Jones and QWiskey:wink2: said along w/ some of Tranham. UPS business practices are garbage and everyone knows it. Businesses exist to make money and they should, but there is a word called integrity in your actions and also a contract (you reap what you sow).

    What some people dont understand is that UPS can harass a person so much that it can affect a person in the way that the poster is speaking. I dont agree w/ some of the things he said but we are human and you put any person in the pressure cooker long enough and they will crack. I have seen it alot and have been there myself. Find the Happy place, know your contrac,t hopefully JC is a good friend of yours and you can coast threw the rest of your carreer.

    Almost forgot do what your told they pay us like JOnes said. :peaceful:
  16. toonertoo

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    So why didnt you have this Mr. Sunshine attitude while you were still there. Hindsight, cant wait to have it:happy2:
  17. fxdwg

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    Very simply...too wrapped up in the moment.
    Too concerned with what was happening at the moment and dwelling on it for far too long.
    I did have a good attitude, but there seemed to be too much blaming and yelling and overall tension and fear of getting terminated for some dumb thing.
    My present position provides a bit of joy in knowing that I make a difference and helped someone else. I guess that's what I was meant to "do".
  18. toonertoo

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    So what are you doing? Because Im the same way. Every day I do something else wrong, that was never wrong before. Sometimes even tho it was right it turns out to be wrong, Long story. So you found another job, or just doing volunteer gigs?
  19. browniehound

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    I agree. If UPS doens't make money then we have no job. Don't be in the bottom 10% of worst performers and everything else is ice cream!
  20. Monkey Butt

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    Been married for 37 years ... I feel your pain. jk