177 and the west come through.

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  1. East coast navy

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    177 and the west not only found a separate plan from CS. They found us a plan that matches the company plan. We will find out the details soon. All keep up dates.
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    Sounds like the new and improved enhanced TeamCare.

    Why should we keep our dates up?
  3. sortaisle

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    I'm sure he meant he'll keep updating.
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    I'd rather keep my date up.
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    I'd rather my date keep me up
  6. ezmoney5150

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    I've been on Central States healthcare for 15 years without problems. Whats the beef?
  7. Brownslave688

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    ​The beef is although u know no different you've paid way more in out of pocket expenses than those that are not in central states.
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    Thank of how much more money you would pay out of pocket when central states said they were going to allow you to work till your 67 lol
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  10. ezmoney5150

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    The difference is I put things in perspective. I made 80 grand last year averaging 42 hours a week. I pay nothing for my healthcare every week unlike the rest of America, I am going to have a $200 dollar deductable whereas you're not going to have one for 4 years and guess what? I'm still better off than 95% of America. Try seeing the forest through the trees for once.
  11. enzo

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    Great job by local 177. they retained good healthcare and got a pension increase without giving away the store. I wish local 804 could learn from local 177
  12. Wally

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    You folks should know it is election time here in 177. The supplement was voted down after being put out there by leadership. The hall went into, "save our rear end" mode. The terms of the new agreement still are not posted on the official website.
  13. East coast navy

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    It will. Don't worry.
  14. upsset

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    I like the way you constantly put up vague information to try to sway people to your way of thinking. How about some facts?
    1. The 3 members of Local 177 Executive Board the were appointed to the National Negotiating Committee along with the reps from western states objected to moving into CS healthcare from day one.
    2. To appease this objection, ups ponied up additional monies creating CS6 enhanced plan later known as Teamcare. Better, but still not enough to bring back to members.
    3. Through continued objections by 177 and western states alone, it was agreed that language would be put in the master agreement (in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement) giving them the authority to find equal to or better than the Teamcare plan.
    4. After the passage of the master agreement, armed with their MOA 177 and western states immediately went to work on the complicated process of developing their own healthcare plan. Feasibility study, structuring the coverage elements, aligning the cost structures with the available funding, presenting it to the Actuaries, the IBT, and UPS for review. Taking questions and concerns from those parties, researching, answering or clarifying and resubmitting updates until the plan was acceptable to all. Keeping in mind that all this had to be accomplished by Nov.1st or the deal was off.
    5. Add to the difficulty of all the above tasks, the same board members responsible for this are also involved in renegotiating the Supplemental Agreement, informing members of the progress, and having to run for re-election all while still conducting the day to day business of protecting members rights and enforcing the contract.


    1. Success, we now have our own plan that is not only equal to or better than Teamcare it contains improvements over the company plan we used to be in;
    a. preserved early retirement age options.
    b. spouse is covered until age 65 no matter what their age when you retire (no more 10 year limit.)
    c. dependent children will be covered.
    d. low cost medicare supplemental insurance after age 65.

    SIDE NOTE: After reviewing the proposal for our plan, the IBT and the teamcare actuaries restructured many elements of their plan to mirror our plan.

    Supplemental Agreement;
    1. A supplement containing many enhancements was negotiated including provisions to bump the pension payout of 400.00 a month. This was voted down along with the master by members who were concerned over healthcare changes.
    2. Negotiations have been reopened, surveys were conducted to give members the opportunity to express their concerns.
    3. the committee meet to review these concerns and prepare revised proposals to submit to ups.
    4. To date, the committee has met with the company 3 times to exchange and review proposals.

    So Wally, instead of making false accusations of this board of being in "save our rear end" mode, now that you know the facts may you will take the opportunity to thank your executive board for all their efforts on behalf of you and all the members of Local 177.

  15. 104Feeder

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    104 fully supports Local 177's Executive Board Slate, you're our new best friends and Andy couldn't have done it without you.
  16. brown_trousers

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    Your better off than 95% of america now... but if our wages/benefits follow this trend of not keeping up with the rising cost of food, shelter, and healthcare. That $80k you speak of will eventually buy less and less.

    It is my opinion that wages/benefits should at the very minimum keep up with the cost of food, shelter, and healthcare. Anything less than that is a paycut that compounds contract after contract. It will be future generations of teamsters that suffer if our wages/benefits cannot even maintain their value
  17. enzo

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    I wish I was in 177 instead of 804
  18. ezmoney5150

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    Did you forget about the COLA raise we got 2 years ago?
  19. Inthegame

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    An indispensable employee such as yourself should have no problem getting rehired in L177's jurisdiction. Good luck.
  20. East coast navy

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    Couldn't have said it better my self.