70 Hour Rule, Merry Christmas


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It’s only 70 temporarily correct?
They told us until January 15th.

Doesn't really matter now for most drivers...9.5 list is in effect since January 1.

No way to get over 60 hours out of me unless they want to pay a huge 9.5 grievance. The excessive hours this peak should be a warning to all eligible drivers to get on the list and demand the penalty pay.

Rick Ross

I'm into distribution!!
When I punched into feeders this morning I had 10 fewer hours than I should have had. Looks like we're back to the 60 hour rule in my area.

Over disciplined0123

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I know peak is over now but I’m still confused on how we can work over 60 hours in five days without having a dot violation...isn’t the 70 hour in 8 days the rule not 70 hours in 5 days (mon-Friday) plus a Saturday if they choose to force us in...is 62 hours in 5 days a violation??
Lol well today I was reprimanded for not putting in my full lunch (on accident) I was told it’s a dot violation and yad yada. I said I got a waiver from D.O.T. He didn’t laugh