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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Don225, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Is there anyone here in a New Orleans ctr?Whats going on with APWA there?Do you need cards?
  2. RockyRogue

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    From what I've been reading on here, the APWA sounds like its not made its way west of the Mighty Mississippi. I haven't heard word one in Colorado. -Rocky
  3. blaine

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    only 20,000 cards when out this week. the next three weeks therewill be 50,000 cards out per week. if anybody needs cards let me know i can try and get u some.
  4. brett636

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    Not a single word about this farce has been mentioned in my facility. Gee, wonder why they claim such grand support when none exists?
  5. 30andout

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    Brett, you mean to tell me after all your great wisdom about this APWA you haven't even given it a fair chance and been to a meeting?:blush:
  6. well try getting away from the computer and go interact with employees who busted their :censored2: all day and see how they feel or how much longer can they keep delivering till they are 62 or 65! maybe you will understand how us fulltimers feel! oh , just in case , i work nights, drive a tractortrailer for over 20 yrs and have a family! just in case you want to know where i'm coming from!!!!
  7. 30andout

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    Calm down 18, you're gonna have a heart attack. Just think of him as one of your kids.:w00t:
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    Trust me when I say I don't care where you are coming from. Reading your posts have shown me you are a mental midget of sorts and are going into waters where you cannot fully comprehend the consequences of your decisions. You support pie in the sky ideas coming from an organization whose motives are questionable at best. I'm sure you will respond about the motives of our current representation, but trust me when I say I fully understand where we are right now. I've just come to the conclusion that this path is not the one UPSers as a whole should consider.
  9. wildgoose

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    Obviously everyone is following your train of thought - choo choo !!!!!!!! Good thing the pilots and the IAM union are still listening to you ???????
  10. denverbrown

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    I have some concerns about APWA. I've read that their lawyer, Tom Coleman, has made a career of union busting, but now if we dangle enough money in front of him he will come over to the Union cause and build the strongest Union UPS has ever seen. Does this guy not have any passion for what he has spent his life doing? Does he have no personal feeling about unions? If he is just a whore for the money than how much money will it take to get him to abandon a lucrative career fighting unions and join the labor side? And where will that money come from? Our dues will be the only source of money to the APWA and how much of my dues will they give this whore?
    The claim that the UPS Pilots Union broke off from the Teamsters and formed a strong union is like comparing apples and oranges. A union is only as strong as it's members' make it. When the pilots voted on their last contract, the participation was over 90%. The members make that union strong. Our last contract vote had far less than a 50% participation. The average UPS Teamster is not highly educated or highly motivated like an airline pilot. They don't participate in Union activities and without their enthusiam, APWA will be no stronger than the Teamsters.
    The claim that APWA will bring bigger defined pension benefits to UPS members is almost a mute point, but it's their biggest selling point. Defined benefit pensions are dead. UPS no longer gives a defined benefit pension to management, they changed to a defined contribution pension months ago. FedEx announced this week that they will cap their defined benefit pensions in 2008 and roll them over to a cash balance plan and all new hires will have a defined contribution plan. Every major company today is dumping their defined benefit plans. So for APWA to sell themselves on the notion that they will wrestle a larger defined benefit pension from UPS is nuts. Why would UPS give a new union a defined benefit pension? That doesn't make sense.
  11. wildgoose

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    Hey roll over what i have in my pension and put the $ in a 401k and i will be happy but as for trusting the union anymoe well that is a mute subject. The only thing they succeed in lately is screwing up !!!!!!! You may be right about the apathy the hourly`s carry but then again a self managed fund for ups only seems to open many a eye in the south ! We could toss analogy`s around till the cows come home but i don`t trust the teamsters anymore and there are many a driver seeing the same way . Where it ends i cannot tell you but the teamsters track record is going south day by day ! I see how they are really concerned now of loosing their jobs by threatening drivers and witch hunting for apwa promoters ! Seems to be their new job ? Can`t handle competition. Central States was here handing paper out about what your suppose to collect and at the bottom says that there is no guarantee of said amounts !!!!!!!!!!! 59% funded and sinking as were talking !
  12. It has come to my attention that both these clowns who have started this apwa, have never been a dues paying member of the IBT! They have free-loaded on the backs of there fellow employees for 20 plus years, and now they are mad about there pension! They were never involved with the union before and now they are only concerned, because there lack of involvement and cheapness has caused them some financial harm! They have never cared about anything but themselves, do not fall for there B.S.! They should have invested that money they didn't pay in dues! It would be a tidy sum with compound interest! They are nothing more than scabs! Two non-union guys trying to start a union! What a joke!
  13. DorkHead

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    Denverbrown, you make several EXCELLENT points in your post. APWA supporters should ask the APWA these same questions and concerns. I hope that the CS employees really dig hard to find answers to so many bonofide questions
  14. 30andout

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    Is this fact that they have NEVER paid dues? Or did they just recently drop out. Where did your info come from even though YOU don't even register w/browncafe.
  15. nospinzone

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    Those that have been following the APWA for a while can see through your cheap, poorly thought out lies. But for the benefit of newcomers, I'll help clear up the deception that is the only useful tool that Teamsters have in their defense...

    Danny and Van were loyal Teamster supporters in Local 391 throughout their employment up till three years ago. Three years ago they realilzed that IBT was no longer working in the best interest of the UPS employee. At that time they submitted their withdrawal letters to their local, where I'm sure they still have them on file. If you dont believe me, pick up the phone and call Jack Cipriani at local 391. The Raleigh number is (919) 787-0623 and the Greensboro number is (336) 668-0441. And when you do that, get Jack to put it in writing. Also, they have never crossed a picket line which would make them ineligible for the "scab" label. But i guess you didn't know this. Hope I cleared up any confusion.:cool:
  16. wildgoose

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    Got to hand it to ya there nospinzone you have your diplomacy down to a science. Always level headed in your responses ! Should have the name "Cool hand Luke" !
  17. I have informed all my fellow employees at my service center that the apwa is nothing more than a few bitter dopes! They are trying to split the workers and destroy the union at UPS! THEY WILL NEVER GET A FOOT IN THE DOOR AT MY SERVICE CENTER, AT UPS FREIGHT! By the way, what difference does it make weather or not I am registered? I can post just like the rest of you kool-aid drinkers!
  18. nospinzone

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    Tom Coleman's interest in bustin unions is obvious, and he has had a successful career in doing so. What better way to add to his list than to take on the corrupt Teamsters. His job with the APWA is one-fold. Once we are free of the IBT, his job is complete. He is aware of this and has no interest in staying with the APWA once this separation is complete. His support of the APWA comes from the truly democratic, member-driven foundation the union has in its constitution. Corruption will only find itself into the APWA if the members allow it in. After the NLRB certification, Coleman is out, and the pro-labor legal team is in.

    I beg to differ. I think that if UPS'rs had a union that was working for them instead of just using them, they would have a greater interest in participation. If you look at the numbers currently, UPS employees represent only 15% at best of the general IBT membership. Our voice is so diluted in the IBT elections, that there is no motivation to participate. APWA, where UPS employees would be voting on UPS issues without interference from other companies, would change that.

    UPS isn't giving us a defined benefit pension. They don't give the IBT a defined benefit pension. They would continue to make defined contributions under the APWA plan. And the APWA isn't attempting to wrestle a larger defined benefit pension from UPS, since they don't do that now. They simply want to continue the same defined contributions currently followed, except we would get.......all of our money instead of just a fraction. That does make sense.:cool:
  19. JonFrum

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    I just assumed all along that Danny Eason and Van Skillman were in the Central States pension fund since that is where most of APWA's criticism is directed. But now I learn that they were members of Local 391. Strange as it may seem, North Carolina Local 391 is a part of the New England pension fund, (the fund I am in). 391 is the only local in the fund that is outside the six New England states. I believe that local joined several years ago. Can anyone provide any info on which pension fund Local 391 was in to begin with, and why they joined the New England fund? There must be an interesting story behind this.

    I assume UPS contributes to the New England fund on behalf of both men, even though they resigned from the Teamsters three years ago.

    To verify that North Carolina Local 391 is in the New England Teamsters and Trucking Industry Pension Fund, and to see a picture of Local 391 President, Jack Cipriani, click here . . .
    Local Unions Representing NETTIPF
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    Goose and Spin, good thing some people post with some good facts and not just the ones they pull out of their @**.