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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by kjones514, Jul 15, 2002.

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    UPS has announced the "BEST CONTRACT EVER", again it means the best for UPS, the company. This type of company propaganda to the media without facts is the UPS way. I remember in Dec when UPS boasted to the aircraft mechanics that "you will have the Industry Leading Contract", but they were not telling the truth. Please be very careful when reading the contract, remember how they broke the promises of '97.
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    I think since you feel UPS is so horrible and
    mis-managed, it would be in your best interests
    to work somewhere else. Someplace that would
    appreciate your skills. Why don't you try United?
    or any of the big airlines? Oh, I hear the
    teamsters are hiring....
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    And you think the Union has not sent out propaganda, they have sent useless flyers in the mail, twice a week with just the same old stuff, just cut and pasted differently. I think you would be unhappy no matter what you did, find a job with better benfits and pay.
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    Just a few questions from an uninformed outsider

    What are the main issues on the table that would keep a contract from being signed ?

    If the memebership likes the deal but the union leadership rejects it what happens ?

    Are UPS union employees the highest compensated in the industry as the press releases indicate ?

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    The UPS offer improves an industry-leading wage and benefits package. For example, today the typical full-time UPS driver makes more than $23 an hour and more than $31 per hour with benefits. Part-time UPS employees earn an average of $10.72 per hour and enjoy the same health and welfare benefits as full-time employees. The vast majority of Teamster-represented employees make no contribution to their health and welfare benefits coverage.

    UPS's proposed new contract also includes a very generous provision for the long-term financial security of UPS employees. According to March 2002 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, UPS's current pension contribution as a percentage of wages for the typical UPS full-time worker is more than four times the average for all U.S. workers, and the new proposal would increase the contribution further.
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    Apparently the money that UPS gives the Teamsters to fund the Pensions Plans & Medical Benifits for UPS employees is distributed to other NON-UPS pension plans of other companies that are not so well funded. There are retirement plans that the Teamsters must pay out for companies that don't exist anymore, and this is where much of the UPS money is going. UPS wants their money to go to UPS people ONLY, and that funding these other Funds take away from UPS people. So I guess UPS is saying that if UPS money went to UPS Pensions Plans only, then there should be plenty of money, in addition to the new money UPS is negotiating now.
    Is this correct?
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    Yes you are correct. But the teamsters will
    tell all sorts of half-truths to make you believe
    that UPS is not paying its share. They believe
    in smoke and mirrors.
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    Are the Locals really talking dollars and cents to the members? I've been told they aren't told anything from the BA about what the contract offer is. My (wonderful) driver, who I truly trust, says the Union won't tell them anything or even talk to them. I have a terrible feeling this could be a long and bumpy ride. I hope Hoffa is just flexing his muscle for the Brotherhood and it's settle no later than weeks end.
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    There was a time and a place for the Teamsters Union. That time has since passed.

    There services ( or lack there of ) are no longer needed.
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    To answer your questions:

    "What are the main issues on the table that would keep a contract from being signed ?"

    We don't know the specifics, but they are probably pay, health & welfare benefits, pension, and converting part-time jobs into full-time jobs.

    "If the memebership likes the deal but the union leadership rejects it what happens ?"

    There will be a strike! The IBT requested and received a strike authorization vote months ago, prior to any serious negotiations began.

    "Are UPS union employees the highest compensated in the industry as the press releases indicate ?"'

    See retired1's respons - it is on the mark.
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    all smoke and mirrors nobody is telling us anything sad sad sad
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    I hope this is going on the right thread. I have lurked on this board for a while and thought this might be a good time to make a comment. The sticking points on the contract are as follows: The company refuses to negotiate about forced/excessive overtime, The company refuses to talk about ups logistics, The healthcare portion of the package is not enough to keep the same levels that we have now, and Hoffa wants "a moderate wage increase. This is what has been put out by the union. No I don't and no one else on this board knows the details about how much the comany has offeed. If either side gave the exact details that would be considered bargaining in bad faith. No, I do not want to strike. No, I'm not brain washed by the union. My question to all of you is how did we become the highest paid in the industry? Was it because UPS wanted us to be or is it because we earn every penny we get? If you don't like the union why don't you go work for a non-union co. Then you can have all those great things the company has offered.
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    Why should UPS logistics become union? Shouldn't
    those involved be able to vote on this?

    No one should be forced to join a union. PERIOD.
    They should be able to work at UPS and not be
    forced to join a union.
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    I didn't say that they wouldn't get to vote or would even become union. The union just wants to make sure that our volume is not diverted to the non-union UPS. I don't know how things are going in your center but we have mgt working everyday and about 12 "temp services emp." working everyday, for the last couple of years