FULL TIMERS still in PROGRESSION with seniority date by Aug 1st! Did you file your grievance!?!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BigJamesBrown, May 20, 2019.

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    The grievance I filed approximately two months ago has not been answered as of yet, so it's still pending, what does that tell you!?!
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    The only thing I want to do is that here to the terms of the contract.
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    I've shown you my reasoning, Article and Section, and also in layman's terms, all you keep saying is that starting wage now is $21. You have given no reasoning for your arguments, just the same old arguments. Give me a case scenario. Maybe I'll be able to see "the light".
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    Maybe you will be able to see leaves turn over in the rain too.

    Hope springs eternal.
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    Show me specifically where I am wrong, in one of my scenarios. Give me the language that shows me being wrong.
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    What is their seniority date?
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    probably that they are so dumbfounded they arent sure how to tell you no. or they threw it in the trash because its never going to happen.
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    It's taken 25 pages of explanations and he still isn't getting it, so you're probably right.

    As of now what we know is that the company, at least in some areas, seems to agree with @upschuck's assessment of the situation. No $.70 raise last year, yes $.75 this year. That fact tells us the company does not agree that gwi is cumulative with progression, as @BigJamesBrown argues it is. If we can find someone who has moved into their 3rd year of progression since August 1st of this year, we can at least verify how the company interprets the language.

    Not saying that the company is correct in their interpretation, simply that, so far, they seem to agree with @upschuck's interpretation. The question still remains, why did they start interpreting it this way this contract?

    One possible answer I came up with is that something changed in the language between two contracts ago and the last contract. Anyone who was around then, especially those in progression, will remember that between those two contracts the progression period changed from 3 to 4 years. Those in progression at the start of the last contract got to stay in the 3 year progression, but I don't know if their progression rates changed. If the language that kept them on the progression from the previous contract stayed, the drivers in progression as of the start of the current contract would still be in the progression they were hired under. That's all speculation on my part, I haven't compared the previous two contracts, as I don't have access to the 2009-2013 contract.
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    I'm willing to change my mind, but I haven't seen anything here that would cause me to do that.
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    I wasn't referring to you as being the one not getting it, just to be clear. I give you credit for the fact that the company agrees with your interpretation.

    To me it is clear that the progression increases satisfy the gwi language because there is no date listed, and they happen ahead of the August 1st date if that is still a sticking point. You see the progression bumps as happening after the August 1st date, so that would be your justification for getting the gwi before the progression bump. But the progression bumps actually happen before the date that everyone else gets gwi. The fact that they got a progression bump as of the start of the contract supports that. They get their next progression increase in less than a year, satisfying the increase they are entitled to for the contract year according to section 1.

    Anyway, what we think doesn't mean much in the grand scheme. I believe what is happening is a win for the union, even if I don't agree with the reasoning behind it
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    I know it, but he needs to "show his work" so to speak, to convince anyone, except those wishful thinkers.
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    Man! This makes since. I'm in progression and got $2 bump on seniority date and just got $.75 GWI, but didn't get the $.70 from last year. Called BA and asked if we got GWI if we were in progression. His answer was; "Depends on where you are in progression." As usual GREAT ANSWER.
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    See one of my scenarios, and you'll see why you can see the 75 ¢ gwi, but not the 70 ¢ gwi, with explanations.
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    I posted it already with the response I received from the package division.
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    Thought you wanted an explanation, my bad.
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    I was under 09-13. The progression rates did not change, when the new contract got implemented. I stayed under the 09-13 progression rates. I had newer drivers making more than me at some point, and i didnt care. Because i was getting to full rate in 3, while it was taking them 4. My seniority date is early 2013. Ive still yet to get an answer of im owed GWI. Talking to Stewie on Monday
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