FULL TIMERS still in PROGRESSION with seniority date by Aug 1st! Did you file your grievance!?!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BigJamesBrown, May 20, 2019.

  1. MC0493

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    Yea good luck with that one
  2. Whatbrownwontdoforyou

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    You will get whichever is greater......be careful with your grievances because if I’m ups I would say your right they are only entitled to the .70 and not the progression bump
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  3. BigJamesBrown

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    That's not a problemoh, that's the nail in the coffin and the end of the discussion!!!:2guns::2guns:article 41 subsection to see and 3 only pertain to full-time workers that take a full-time position after August 1st! :clap::clap::clap:
  4. Poop Head

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    Let us know what happens. Kudos to you or whoever filed on it.
  5. Underallowed306

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    This applies to me and I’m honestly confused as hell. Everyone on here assumes that you do not get the raises, although the language the OP referred to is surprisingly clear in the contract. I talked to a guy in my building today who did receive the annual raises every year during the last contract. He just received less on his progression date. I’ve also seen posts on other threads that say that as well.
    I’m ok with filing on it (I will be doing that myself), but can anybody tell me why the grievance is being filed when we haven’t received our back pay yet?
  6. BigJamesBrown

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    That's not a problem, that's the nail in the coffin & the end to the discussion!!:2guns::2guns:subsection to see and 3 pertain to employees entering play full-time position:2guns:read it carefully, section 2 has nothing to do with full time employees with seniority before August first. Full-time employees with a seniority date before August 1st as never ever ever mentioned again:clap::clap::clap::clap:
  7. BigJamesBrown

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    The grievance is being filed because the guys at top rate have tea there $0.70 already.
  8. SweatPit

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    Discussion at my hub about 22.3's. Guy was at year 3 progression July 2018 so went up to $20hr then. As of August 1st 2018 according to the new contract he was going to go up to $21hr. So backpay for $1hr and $1.50hr for time and a half. But now there is discussion on getting the $.70 cent on top of that $1hr from the contract. So instead of currently making $21hr, should be making $21.70hr and backpay should be $1.70hr for every hour worked.

    But I think the 70 cent applies for anyone that is redotted in progression.

    Instance, they are making $24hr. They are stuck at $24hr for 4 years. So nopw under the new contract they got the .70 cent raise. Instead of being stuck at their current rate of pay. I know of a co-worker that got the .70 cent raise because of this.
  9. BigJamesBrown

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    I don't know about the redot thing, but if all is the same, yes 21.70 and 1.70 retro.
  10. BigJamesBrown

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    Update! My steward filed his own grievance, and the BA from my local said we still in progress should absolutely get GWI...
  11. Griffin1820

    Griffin1820 File! File! File!

    If your not full of it and just messing with us that will be a big win and it will go nationwide quickly.
  12. bowhnterdon

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    I had a guy tell me he got the .70, and he is in progression
  13. BigJamesBrown

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    I'm on the up-and-up about this thing! My local believes that we should get the $0.70, but they are trying to Hash it out with International. I think we are just waiting for international to drop the hammer, but I don't know that for sure. But everything else I told you was straight from my BA's mouth! You guys should be putting your grievance in!!!
  14. BigJamesBrown

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    Unverified reports are trickling in that some guys are already getting the $0.70 while still in progression.

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  15. Rick Ross

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    I fixed that for you...
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  16. BigJamesBrown

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    Maybe the more grievances on file the more they have to pay attention...:people_crybaby:
  17. Griffin1820

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    Dont know if they will pay more attention but ill file on it. Its just pen and paper! Lol
  18. Brownpants80

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    Thats confusing. Im in progression at my 2nd year. I make the 24 since ratified. Ive mever gotten the GWI. Since i started never seen a GWI. Why would we get to file a greviance? My senority date was 2 years ago so clearly before aug 1st. So reading this we should get the retro and then a seperate one for GWI? If were getting 2 checks why file a grievance? Can someone explain a little better
  19. BakerMayfield2018

    BakerMayfield2018 Fight the power.

  20. Brownpants80

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    It says attained senority "as of aug 1st" and then section C says attained senority AFTER aug 1st.
    So isnt that someone who attained senorirty after aug 1st 2018. Not before?
    So basically new drives, not kne who have been in senority already before aug. 1st.

    Thats confusing as hell.
    Im confusing my damn self trying to read this correctly