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2) If less than half of the eligible members cast valid ballots, then a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those voting shall be required to reject such final offer and to authorize a strike. The failure of such membership to reject the final offer and to authorize a strike as herein provided shall require the negotiating committee to accept such final offer or such additional provisions as can be negotiated by it.

The word is OR.
There is a choice.
accept the offer OR...renegotiate

The other word of interest is final.
Has this offer been presented as the final offer?
Who determines if this was the final offer?


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I’m all about celebrating but couldn’t it have waited till Monday and not look like he had this pre printed ready for the tabloids.


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Does anyone know how many eligible voting members are in the JC10? I know there was almost 42000 votes and our supplement passed by 40622 voted yes and 1208 voted no. I was wondering what the JC10 turn out is.

vote yes!!!!

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The NM was voted down, but was ratified because of the less then 50% voter turn out. Now will be working on the supplement that didn’t!


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From the linked letter from Sean...

"Hoffa has set the table to argue he is required to implement the contract under the Teamster Constitution. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. It is time for our General President to stand with the members, not the company."