No Employee Shall Be Discharged!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mitty148, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Mitty148

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    im worried about article 6 using GPS against us. no discharge for FIRST OFFENSE. the way this company looks at things, everything is dishonesty. will breathing wrong be stealing time? what is everyones view on this article?
  2. Mitty148

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  3. browned out

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    Come on. First offense maybe you'll only get a week or two suspension without pay.

    If this language stays in. I see many discharges in the future. and I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night and Nostrodamus is a relative of mine.

    Scary, shi tty language needs to be stricken or smited.
  4. chevyman

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    My feeling is, bottom line, either the way it is under the current contract or the way it might be with the language you have in question, if you are doing something you shouldn't, and you are looking over your shoulder, and you feel and know you shouldn't be doing that, and you haven't got caught yet, and if you want to extend your career at UPS, you better change. Now, if you just do your job, and by the methods, then it by no way means you have anything to fear because if they want to get you on something they will. But, just doing your job and by the methods, and by covering your :censored2: 24/7/365 is always part of the uniform of the day.
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    OK I'm at 1251 Main Street and the package is for 1251 Main Street but the GPS tells me I'm wrong... Is that dishonest. I am doing something I should not be doing.

    The computer and GPS are always right; Sure

    If you are dishonest you will be caught.
  6. browned out

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    Very few drivers are dishonest because the penalty is swift and severe :

    When management is dishonest, they get sent to the midnight shift or to a center or hub in the bad part of town.

    2 sets of rules for the same offense.

    I've have witnessed this.

    Maybe you are nieve or management.
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    Re: about being dishonest

    i dont feel im dishonest but will this come to writing down going to the bathroom as part of your break? or if a customer you ask how they are stealing company time? i enjoy my people and do put down break if i have been there a bit. or if we are held up in traffic these things got me wondering what will happen to us? will we be able to treat our customers like human beings because they make our paychecks.
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    Management knows that we the drivers are UPS to the public. If we are short or rude to the customer; the customer will have no relation to us. Customer service and personablilty suffers.

    Be honest
    anything that can be perceived as dishonest will be
    2 way the center
    make sure you keep putting in breaks if you stop and chat
  9. tieguy

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    Don't understand why you're example would be dishonesty.
  10. VTBrown

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    Well duh.....he could be presheeting packages. You know, saying it was a NI1 on a chaser he didn't feel like driving out to.

    Thats what it could look like.
  11. sawdusttv

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    You are correct, but we are all human and prone to make mistakes, and with the new language that mistake could get you fired.
  12. Damok

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    This seems like a lot of "what-if" thinking. Worrying about different scenarios that may or may not happen is going to do nothing but give you anxiety and stress.

    It's like if I were to say... "What if someone runs a red light and hits me today?" Or on a milder note "What if I run over a nail and get a flat" There are any number of possible things that can occur to a person during the course of their day but what-if ing them to death will keep you locked up in a closet all day. Whoa... what if a hanger falls and gets caught in my eye?
  13. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    If you saw the nail in the road wouldn't you try to avoid it?
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    That happened to me yesterday. I was standing on the porch and the customer opens the door and not only confirms that the address is correct but confirms the last name on the package without me having to ask.
  15. chevyman

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    Browned out, I have seen both Management and drivers fired for all sorts of things. Somethings obvious no-nos i.e... driver steeling lottery tickets and if that wasn't crazy enough they tried to cash them in, management steeling company bags that contained money that the clerks count at the end of day that goes on feeders that ultimately goes to accounting, drivers padding miles, management changing time cards which short changes drivers pay, etc... and there are others if I think long enough. All I'm saying is even if you just do your job that may not be enough because if they are on to you lets face it some people toot their own horn and bring things on their own person. When in doubt cya. If you are at 1251 Main, and the pkg label reads 1251 Main, and you deliver it anyway as you've been delivering pkgs to the Johnsons' for 3 decades and they greet you with open arms, what are you gonna do when the GPS says you are at the wrong address ? I'm going to deliver it. But it may save your :censored2: also. Lets say when the contract passes and some of the guys go out to celebrate and ask you along and you go although against your better judgment. You had a few too many. The GPS tells you are not at the right address and your eyes didn't see the pkg clearly because your eyes where blood shot. What then? glass half full or half empty
  16. sawdusttv

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    Even if you are at the right address and it is confirmed by the customer, if the GPS says that it is the wrong address. I would no way DR the package, I would make sure to get a signature, or I would not deliver it that day. I would explain the problem to the customer, and yes they would get :censored2: off, but I would bring it to my managers attention that night and have him confirm that the delivery is alright. The customer may call in a complain, but that could also be a good thing. I have seen UPS scrape other thing in the past, because they gave to many problems.
  17. browned out

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    The point is

    How can you fire someone based soley on a technology that is flawed and inaccurate.
  18. chevyman

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    If your are at the right address, with the right package, and meeting the right customer face to face, and are afraid of the repercussions of making the delivery without contacting management first to get approval to either DR the pkg or get a signature, then you could equally get in trouble because you didn't call because now the customer calls in a complaint because you didn't deliver the pkg, so why not diffuse the situation right at that moment and call the office, even though there may not be someone there, unless you have like us the part-time sups that multitask out the ying-yang and pretty much does most of what should be mgmts work. But you have to agree that you are human and there is also a chance that it (the GPS) could cover your :censored2: by alerting you that you are at 705 Madison when you have selected a package for 705 Monroe. I think you can read too much into this also. Only time will tell.
  19. Fnix

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    I was fired because of a faulty cheaply coded billing system at my second job.

    It was a Friday and a guy wanted to rent a storage unit and use a coupon for %10 move-in if he paid 1 year in advance. I set him up and the first time I put him through it didn't work so I re-did it. Turns out it double charged him and also calculated it wrong and I didn't even notice.

    I went in Monday and was "let go". 6 months later and they still have a sign looking for someone to replace me.
  20. Damok

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    If that turns out to be the case in a given situation the firing will not stand.