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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by FutureFeederDriver, May 9, 2013.

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    Pleas vote No on this contract for UPS Freight. The simple fact that they want to create a new class of road driver proves that hall and Hoffa are not fighting for us. We already have road drivers and do not need another line-haul classification and another seniority list. They might as well have just stuck a stick in all of our eyes. It is bad enough that subcontracting is such a sore subject with all the road drivers and now they want to create this new classification? All hall and Hoffa can think about is growing the IBT's membership and dues collection at the expense of current members. This is NOT representation. We'll see if the rhetoric about standing together as a union holds true or if it is all just talk.
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    I agree. We (ups freight) can't do this on our own. That said, the unions motto is strength in numbers. If the ups employees where to read our new contract they would no its a joke. It would be really nice if they would say "we need to stand behind our brothers and sisters at freight and get them a decent contract." All together, that's strength in numbers. By ourselves scares me....
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    Lax upsfreight is voting no
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    I like this thread, =)....
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    LOL, scabs don't get to vote.
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    ​And the number of YESs for the contract will be more than double the NOs against the contract.
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    I sure hope not, I have been showing people at my terminal the contract and letting them see the words for themselves, I am not letting our BA fill there head full of S....Let them read the contract and everyone that has at my terminal is not voting yes, of course that is what they say out loud, lets see what the vote totals are after the count....
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    sgn117 is voting no $200.00 to $400.00 deductible $65.00 per mo. dues $135.00 per mo. for ins. @ .50 cents per year raise thats it VOTE NO:madashell:
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  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Hoke, I agree with you on the package contract but am not so confident on the freight deal.
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    Welcome back
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    Make a copy of your ballot.
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    Everyone I talk to at wfd and spr are voteing NOOOOO!!!!!! You would b pretty stupid to vote yea....
  14. Monkey Butt

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    I did not realize this was in the Freight forum.

    I withdraw my prediction as I know nothing about Freight (Overnite) history or even their current contract.

    ​My perception is they are about like FedEx Ground in terms of appearance.
    UPS Corporate does not seem to have made a commitment to bring them into the US UPS brand.
    I guess they have to start making money first and then improvements.
    It is a business and from what I remember, the profit numbers do not look good.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The logo may say UPS but the mindset is still Overnite.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I talk to the UPS Freight guy at my big pickup every day.
    ​He's got some great stories !!!
  17. Monkey Butt

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    ​It seems UPS delivered (pun intended) on their acquisition "promises". UPS Freight drivers are the highest paid in the LTL and TL industry.

    Freight is treated as a different company within UPS.
    Freight has the ability to tell UPS Corporate "NO" when it comes to proposed changes in their operations and systems.
    ​The reason for that is that UPS Freight is a separate cost center and operating unit and they have to be profitable.
    ​It is in the LTL and TL business and is already a higher cost provider.
    I don't see how UPS Freight drivers total compensation can be increased without UPS Small Package transferring money to UPS Freight to prop them up.
    I can almost guarantee you that will not happen.

    JMO based on my observations from the sidelines and the "real" financial relationship between UPS and UPS Freight.
  18. upsfreightster

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    Unless I'm misunderstandings you, if I am sorry. But ups freight makes a good profit, they have bought quite a bit of equipment, (tractors,trailers,dolleys) and has still shown a decent profit. I think there are a lot bigger issues with this contract to worry about then raises. Ups doesn't need to transfer money or prop us up to make it. Overnite stayed in business for as long as they did for a reason. Ups didn't buy us to bail us out they bought us because they new it was a good company. Like I said there are a lot bigger issues with this contract than pay.
  19. renegade313

    renegade313 New Member need to get out more...I drive a brown truck. Brand spanking new thank you very much..pull trailers with feeders every day..switch out right beside them and run back the same routes...soo wtf ? as far as this proposal...its a turd,just flush it..under no circumstances will we agree to a sub classification of rddr/lhd..they are the same animal...this turd is a step backwards on sooo many levels...its ""NO"" !
  20. Varela1 ups freight

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    Voting NO on Sunday over here Los Angeles ca lax it a big ass NOOoooooooooooo