Preloaders, what types packages do you hate to load the most and why?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Phil800101, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Phil800101

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    Similar to the "What shipper do you hate to deliver the most?" thread, I have a question for my fellow preloaders: What types of packages do you hate to load the most and why?

    Mine would have to be Wal-Mart returns. My one car delivers to a Wal-Mart facility that handles returns, so every day I have to load these big unruly packages (bikes, Razor motorized scooters, furniture, etc) that are already busted up and broken, packed like total crap, and often barely held together by tape. Last week they received a broken slab of was a heavyweight and the chunks kept ripping holes in the box and falling out. This stop is a guaranteed PITA every day.
  2. thebrownbox

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    was waiting for this one..

    one I can think of the most... Pottery Barn!! And after that Walmart crap but this is doing a bulk truck.

    And not sure how many people get these boxes but boxes that go to party city with "Amscan" on the side wow it would make my day if I could just grab a box that wont bust open all the time.
  3. outamyway

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    When I was a loader, 50lb paper boxes. Usually because they were all falling apart by the time the got to me! One company had it right, though. They would wrap the whole box in thick plastic. I can't remember which company it was. But, man did that help.

    Straps and UPS don't work well together. Especially when they're holding together a 50 pound box of paper.
  4. hmm pretty much all the ones the drivers mentioned....especially pottery barn and sleep number beds. Though quill office supplies are right up there ($$%@IN paper!).

    On a side note and not to hijack the thread I noticed that there are a TON of xbox 360s going back (not that I didn't already know THAT part). Must be nice for UPS I say this because I just shipped mine (and now know what the boxes look like haha) and I've seen at least 100 of them everyday at about recall in waiting. I happened to glance at the trailer that takes them from our hub operation...hundreds in it, all the time...PS3 here I come lol
  5. thebrownbox

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    I very much agree with you! I had a box once that fell off a feeder and was sent my way Ugh I hope it still made it the rest of the way.
  6. Big Babooba

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    Many years ago when they were building the old Basketball hall of Fame, the contractor was getting cases of some type of special bricks. Every night for about 2 months I was getting 10 - 20 boxes of these. I swear that I loaded every freaking brick that went into that building. (I just bought my son a PS3 w/80 gig drive. I hope I made the right move.)
  7. thebrownbox

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    ugh does anything pottery barn come in a small box? everything I've seen has been large, heavy and bulky.
  8. Phil800101

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    No kidding! Straps are pretty much worthless when shipping stuff UPS, IMO.
  9. aspenleaf

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    I hate loading all that stuff the ladies sell at home parties - such as Princess House since all the boxes are huge and each of my trucks will have 3 or 4 customers getting 10-20 packages each. . .They are not heavy but they take up so much room and I hate when I have no room to move after an hour of loading.
  10. CFLBrown

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    Hate to burst your bubble. Be on the lookout for the empty brown boxes for the PS3. I believe the shipper is PSC or something like that. I've seen quite a few of those in the last 4-5 months. Not as many as the 360's but atleast Microsoft admitted there was a defect in almost every unit.

    The Xbox returns go back 3 Day Select. The PS3 returns go back NDA.
  11. Pollocknbrown

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    Haha ya thats one truck i looked forward too each night in buffalo is the philly air truck (i always unload it for some reason) (they load a truck of 2da and 3DS that have a day or two to make it to Buffalo and send it on a trailer instead of a plane) ill see honestly 3 or 4 walls of solid white boxes with red tape going back to mccallen TX. Always wondered until my friend sent his back and i was at his place when he got his box. Go microsoft, give me job security! buy an xbox 360, i need the work.
  12. I have two business trucks and they are always getting bulky heavy stuff. I have this one company Nomadic Display, they are always getting these plastic cases. Another company is a karate place and this guy gets about 30 big boxes of karate uniforms a week. There is also a beer distribution plant that gets the cardboard stand ups. And the Concrete plant that always gets big heavy cement truck parts. Oh yeah and finally the office supply place that will get once a month a 40 box shipment of pottery barn crap!
  13. Cementups

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    When I was loader I mostly hate anything over 10 lbs and bigger than a shoe box.........come to think of it, I still hate that stuff.
  14. rushfan

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    Remember the days of the Nordic Track? One day I had 4 to load
  15. oh I'm not bashing them, I like my 360 very much, just sucks that its busted is all. The return process was easy, I'm just bummed I won't be able to use a bunch of my christmas presents haha (as the 360 will be in TX). Plus I'm a recovering Guitar Hero addict :wink2:
  16. rod

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    I got to the point where I would tell people to just leave it in the box and carry it around the room a couple of times a day- then when they got tired of it it was still all boxed up to ship back. I swear for every 10 of them I would deliver I could count on picking at least 8 of them back up on a call tag.
  17. Ok got a new one for today, those darn Grainger boxes. One really huge one that reads "1 of out of Large Order" turns out "Large Order" means 25.
  18. Lobofan5

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    Bowflexes and sometimes if im REALLY lucky the bowflex BARBELL kit that is 150+pounds... oh WAIT...NOOOOO

    Bowflexes that are sent to apartments..because you KNOW its coming back tommorow!!!

    Sleep beds... anything for the party stores in flimsy boxes......

    any box that is smaller than my palm yet weighs more than my car....

    oh, and irregs. Do you really, really need that gigantic metal O-ring?

  19. I love that, at least its honest and says 1 out of larger order and not 1 of 1 :wink2:
  20. thebrownbox

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    haha funny you should say that I got one of those today too.. not only are they stupid large but something like 70Lb's or so.