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    I was asked on Tuesday during the evening sort to come in on Wednesday at 4pm to help out the day sort because they have been a little short staffed. I agreed to come in.

    I show up today and start work at 4pm. Scheduled start time for evening was 515pm. At 8:10 my supervisor comes up and asks me if I am ready to leave? I told him that I was going to stay. He told me I had to leave at 8:30 and that I was only guaranteed 3.5 hours. I am top seniority part time in my area with 6.5 years. I told him to send home the lower seniority guys when they hit there 3.5. I thought this would be the end of the discussion. He tells me that I have to leave at 830pm. I argued for a minute and when I saw it wasn't going anywhere I went and clocked out. I looked for a steward and couldn't find one, which is typical.


    1. If I am asked to come in early 1 hr 15 min before scheduled start, should I not get time and a half for that 1 hr and 15 min?

    2. I know I should not have been sent home when lower seniority workers are available to send home. Do I have to wait until I get my paycheck before I file a grievance?

    My supervisor is pretty new, but I don't think he is an idiot. I was asked by the day sort to come in on Tuesday to work that sort, and I had 10 hours on Tuesday. He probably doesn't like seeing this but tough :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.

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    When you report for work tomorrow goto your center manager and request to be paid for all hrs missed due to your sup sending you home....If he denys your request file for the time through the union....As far as how you should be paid, part-time employees get overtime once they have gone over 5 continous hrs....If you missed 3 hrs due to being sent home...In the remedy/requested section of the complaint form state it this way since you worked 3.5 , 1.5 hrs at regular pay and 1.5 at your overtime rate, you have to request this to get the overtime rate or they will pay you straight time for all hrs missed....
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    Center Manager! In Columbus he is hard to find. The only time I saw him was last year when he was standing guard at the door denying people to leave due to a snowstorm. "The other shift can't make it in..." WAAAAH
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    You were asked to come in and help... I guess this is NOT your regular work assignment? you worked your guaranteed 3 1/2 hours and then told you could go home..

    UPS can not take work away from someone's regular duties and assign it to someone else... So sending someone home with less seniority is not the issue but sending someone home who normally works that shift is as they are being replaced by someone who does not normaly work that shift...

    You were asked to help them correct?
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    No Day sort is not my normal work assignment.

    My sup sent me home after my 3 and a half, problem is, he should have sent those home with lesser seniority than me.

    Anything I worked before my shift was my business and helping the company out. That's it.
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    You are right. They scrawed you bad. Find that shop steward and file NOW.