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    Everyone in my husbands center gets their standard 9.5 hours day. My husband gets 12 hour days. They've even had to call and get it approved for him to work over 12 hours.
    Someone else loads his truck and they mix everything together. No sorting involved.
    Is there some kind of "unfair" treatment complaint? I understand that there are days that will be bigger than others, but this happening all of the time. He has quite a few drivers under him, seniority wise, that are all getting 9.5 hour days. He just happens to have the route that everyone dumps on.

    He's worked for UPS for 12 years, and this is the worst it's ever been.
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    Maybe you should read him the contract! If he does not want the work, he can join the 9.5 list and file and receive triple time for all hours spent working over 9.5.

    Not every route is set up the same, some work 8, less than 8 and some closer to 12. Maybe your husband wants the work?
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    No, he definitely doesn't want the work. It's an argument every day with the supervisor. He tells her it's too much, she says just go do it it will be fine. But everyone else in the center gets to dump work so they can hit their 9.5. My husband gets all of that dumped work because there is nowhere else for it to go. They keep cutting routes which makes it even worse. They need to run a "short route", but they never do.

    One of the drivers signed up on the 9.5 hour thing and about got fired. They had big-wigs riding with him and scrutinizing his every move. He's worked there for 25+ years. He had to get his stop complete (or something?)time down 3 seconds or he would be terminated. It got pretty ugly.
    My husband has thought about trying it though. He's very fast and efficient. He's just afraid they'll find some little thing wrong and he'll lose his job.
    Everyone in his center signed the original "i want a 9.5 hour day and no more" paperwork. Then that one driver grieved his 10-10.5 hour days and about lost his job altogether. No one else dares complain.
    Every other driver has to be back to the center at a certain time because they have done pick ups that need to make the feeder.
    My husband doesn't have any pickups, so he can stay out an additional 3 hours....and they make him do that, regularly.
    I keep telling him there should be something the union can do. He is being singled out and slammed every day. That's discrimination? Unfair treatment? Something.
    I could understand it if every driver worked a 12 hour day, but he's the only one.
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    Sounds like you husband needs to have a discussion with the manager to get things straightened out. If that doesn't work, and he's doing a good job, take the complaint up hill. Too often we forget about the lives of our employees. We can't always make them happy, but we should give our best attempt to. My employees never have a problem stepping up to the plate when needed and I never have a problem stepping up for them. If someone is taking advantage of your husband it needs to stop. Have him tell them so!~
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    Thanks brown wrench, that is exactly how I (we) feel. I wish you were in his center. Center management is terrible right now. He's talked to both supervisors that say "just deal with it", and he's had several talks with the manager that is over the center (but isn't "in house" to see what happens day to day). None of them seem to really care. It's been going on for about a year now.
    My husband is an excellent employee and gets excellent reviews from his superiors. He always steps up when needed and is always willing to help out another driver. He goes out of his way to give 110%. Most of the drivers at the center are the same way. A great group of drivers. It's just that, because of the route he has, he ends up with a huge day so that the other drivers can get in under 9.5 and make the feeder.
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    If your husband has an extended route, or a route that was designated as a long day route when he signed up for it, there is little he can do about it. But if it's a city route with just an ass load of businesses and resi's, then he has a legitimate complaint. It sounds like your guys union reps are wusses and need to be replaced if management has that kind of stroke. No where in the contract does it say that production goals have to be met. As a matter of fact, it says you can't be terminated for not meeting production goals. However, there's lots of leeway in the contract to get fired for safety (easy to pick on for management) or for being dishonest (also easy to pick on for management.) Also, if he didn't sign up for the 9.5, he has no options. I'm sorry it's that way, but it sounds like he needs to change centers or just wait for a management change (happens a lot....over here at least.) Start with union reps, if they're worthless, life is going to be hard for a while.
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    He might like the hours and he just dosen't want to tell you. Its easier for some guys to work 12 than to go home and take care of business.
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    There are 2 obvious choices here if he has unsuccessfully talked with mgt about bringing his hours down. One, the contract is clear about over 9.5 . He needs to put his name on that list. If he continues to run too many hours then he has a grievance which will include penalty pay. As you mentioned earlier, this may bring retaliation on mgt's part. A harrasment greivance should then be filed. This may still put a target on his back. It all depends on how important it is to him to get less overtime. If it's not worth sticking his neck out there then go with number 2 option: continue to work with 12 hours of work with a smile.
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    Sorry, but the drivers who work in rural, extended areas have all of the same contractual protections as "city routes". My center management team has had no difficulty at all, in making sure that no one works over 9.5 any three days out of five, unless it's by their choosing. We have quite a number of rural areas in our center, and, in fact, the first cars lined up out at the gas pumps are those ugly P500s.
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    Are you the same wife that seems to complain about this same subject once every year?
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    first, in addition to my other observations, i would offer this.

    if you have ever played poker, you learn the art of holding, folding, raising and bluffing.

    ups by your own version has threatened, griped, held their breath until their faces turned purple etc to keep people from griping about the 9.5 issue. but by your own report, every one is still working and the heat is no longer on. and as a result, the 9.5's are down. so the bluffed, got called, and the driver won the hand.

    secondly, there are routes by their very nature that have to be a long delivery day. those routes, like hubby's, either have very few or no pickup volume, and if it does, he meets another driver to take it in for him. these routes are long day routes, and in some cases stretch even longer than 12 hours.

    the drivers that run those routes know about that when they bid on that route.

    a driver with 12-25 years of service can get just about what ever route he wants.

    therefor it stands to reason that he bid that route, because he wants that route. and he bid and wanted that route knowing that the route would mean long days.

    so using the deductive reasoning that you seem to lack, your hubby wanted that route so he could work those hours.

    now as to why, that is for him to know, and you to figure out.

    we already have btw

    best of luck

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    We are in VA, and changing centers would be great, but we can't afford the demotion. We don't have a lot of management turnover here.

    No, ups79, sorry this is my first complaint.

    Dannyboy, if you could read properly, you would see that my husband has worked there for 12 years, and that the OTHER driver has worked there for 25+. Pull your head out of your rear end and get off your pedestal. Looks like you aren't that smart after all.

    And no, the route wasn't like this when he signed up for it. It has just gradually gotten worse. He's had the same route for 4 years.

    Some of you here are kind of know it all's aren't you. Very high class :)

    Thanks to those of you that answered sincerely, and to those of you poking fun, I hope you can experience what we are right now so you can see just how it feels. Then maybe you'll be a little less smart mouthed in your responses.

    Disappointed that upsers would treat a wife this way.
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    I'm in VA, and I have to say that I find this story a little hard to believe. If I assume that you're being straight with us, then I have my doubts about whether your husband is being completely straight with you.
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    sorry upsguys wife- the one's who usually type the longest 'crap' that you skim over with your eyes are the know-it-alls
  15. If your husband doesn't want to work a lot he has to go on the 9.5 list and grieve it if he is working over 3 times or more per week. Everybody does mistakes, but that's no reason to be chicken. Nobody likes to be over supervised, but "it is what it is". :) I am from Va too, yet never heard story like this either. I hope he get it straight.
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    All I had to do was threaten to file an over 9.5 grievance and my route was taken care of. Typically, I work 45-49 hours a week. I get 8-hour requests when I ask, so I feel that I have little to complain about, now.

    I suspect that your husband has not filed a grievance or even threatened.

    While you might think we are being smartasses, it's because we work with quite a few more UPS drivers than you do.
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    Why doesn't he just bid off the route?
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    I'm sorry some of the people here have to be jerks sometimes. All I can say is that your husband needs to drop the fear and stand up to them. If you give UPS an inch they will take a mile. And then some.
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    I filed one 9.5 grievance about 3 years ago, they've never violated it again with me. The manager I filed on is still my center manager, and there wasn't any pay-back or retaliation. He apologized and said I'd never work three 9.5s again except in December, and he's been true to his word. He has earned a lot of respect from me.