Union Regulations Harder On Loaders

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Pre Loader, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. PPH is an arbitrary number that is neither in the contract nor recognized by the union
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    and water is wet, thank you!...
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    I was merely pointing out to the poster that it wasn't the union wanting a seven day work week. All that other crap you toss on there has nothing to do with what I wrote. No where did I mention 22.4, 9.5, or any of your other points. So yes, it IS the union seeing that UPS wants/needs a 7 day week to remain competitive. I agree with all of your points, except maybe the payoff part, so please don't argue with me about points I did not make.
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    You got the out of touch and over paid part right but @Tony Q is a no good wannabe Teamster named Jamie Femings
    You should probably quit and work non union then. You made the choice to work here you should probably make the choice to quit.
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    Honestly don't know what kind of savings they are getting out of this
    I walk into 4 partially loaded cars at 2:45 in the morning
    Don't pick up a single package from the boxline until 4:00. That's right, 1.25 hours of time wasted just re-organizing all the crap someone else loaded saturday.
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    Most p/t supervisors do not want to work they became management for a reason.they work because their management team sets a staffing according to a buisness plan which understaffs them on purpose and instructs them to work.so if we enforce the contract it would force them to staff adequately and u would have the help u need.
  8. 22.34life

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    the union is not pushing for any change in our workweek but it is inevitable,the company has to expand its delivery days because we live in the "i want it now era".the union can try to stay in front of the change or fight a losing battle.we cant tell the company how to run their buisness.all we can do is make them comply with the cba
  9. So you know that PPH is only in their heads and is nothing you need to be concerned with
  10. I understand and I am very pro union. My dad is a retired Teamster of 40 yrs. I know sups can’t help and why and while I agree, how do the necessary changes happen? I’m at the end of a belt not an actual belt mind you but a roller extension (I am technically outside but for a tarp over my head) where half the packages fall off the end of the belt instead of going down the rollers. I have 4 trucks at the end two on each side of the belt all 4 trucks 250-350 pieces each. I can’t be at the end of the belt to get the packages down the rollers and be at 4 trucks on opposite sides of the belt all at the same time. I am constantly stacked my stew watches sups like a hawk threatening grievances if they help but where does that leave me? Meanwhile we all get crap about scan rates and misloads. I got a verbal the other day for 13 misloads in one truck! which was clearly someone grabbing a stack and putting it in the wrong truck trying to help wrap up.
  11. That's why we have "sups working " clause in contract, to encourage them to hire the needed staffing, so sups can actually supervise. But when you get people like the OP, then that takes away the spurs. Stubborn horses don't move without sharp motivation
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    Shut the belt down. File for egress issues for excessive stacking out or packages falling. File for working conditions if they turn it back on and file on harassment if supervisors complain.

    Check box to be in the hearing.

    Explain you want earlier starts and more staffing. The continued lack of stsffing will force a raise. This $13/hr is a joke in my area.
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    Slow down, do the job right and safe. If you get backed up so much your egress is blocked you ask your sup to send you someone to help. If you are not given help and are forced to work in unsafe conditions you insist on help to fix the problem, then file a grievance. Scan rates are their problem, not yours.
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  14. Old Man Jingles

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    PPH is a unit of measure.
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    The reason we say stuff is because if we don’t ups will continue to use less preload and make the pt sup do the work... like said before ups agreed to this with the teamsters and it’s union work
  16. I understand how it works or at least how it’s supposed to. But they won’t add more loaders and they don’t care. They just yell at us like it’s our fault. Bottom line is all they care about are their P&L’s and Bonuses
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    Report all safety hazards to OSHA.
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    ...late on this. But yall know management can manipulate how much work you get daily right. I mean literally they adjust work load/ flow throughout the week. If you are heavy its cuz they wanted you to be heavy.
    Theyll have u clock in at 4am and have unload start at 415am, tell you theyll "help" and then next thing you know you cant retire on time cuz the time they took from you doesnt count for the minimum hours needed yearly for your pension to add up. Resulting in you working an extra 5 to 8 years to make up every half hours worth of "help" that sup gave you.
    There are immediate and long term affects of supervisors working. In the end, youre the one getting :censored2:ed. Dont let management make the union out to be the bad guy.
    They have so many options when it comes to making your work day easier and not get grieved.
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