Union Regulations Harder On Loaders

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Pre Loader, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. burrheadd

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    It’s refreshing to see a part timer that can string more than two sentences together.

    And actually make sense

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  2. You should not tolerate supervisors ever working. Full pension credit for a P/Ter is 750 hours per year, 13.5 hours per week, you should be demanding every last minute of your guarantee.

    The "work load" is a staffing issue, that is management's problem, not yours
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  3. Pretty simple. They're supposed to send you help from union workers. If you allow them to work, then you're taking work from others. Workers might be sent home or punching out early.

    Just stick with the contact.
  4. I'm still waiting for a full timer to do it.
  5. lovelyleo

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    @Pre Loader the union is not the “ bad guy” nor is your pt sup believe you me when I used to be a pt sup I would almost beg my employees to file because what happens is when the sup “helps” you it “ looks” like ONE employee is getting all that work done ( sups are NOT calculated into the hours/volume = pph) so what happens is the next quarter corporate decides we’ll you got x amount of volume completed in x amount of time with ONLY x amount of employees.. ( remember those 2 sups helping you?? Corporate thinks YOU did all that work alone ...sooo let’s raise the pph and cut staffing ...SO glad I got out of pt management and went to driving!!!!
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  6. Brown echo

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  7. Days

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    Not always the case

    If Saturday’s are not profitable than why do them?
  8. MarvelousMunata

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    Define profitable by ups standards...

    Cuz its profitable for me to work 6 days. Id work a 7th with the option of taking 2 days off if i felt like it every week
  9. Days

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    Oh I would definitely work Saturday’s if I had the chance lol. I mean that I’ve read numbers on this board that delivering on the weekends doesn’t make the company any money. So pretty much doing weekends only because our competitors do weekends
  10. Days

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    Thanks for making me feel better about my work station. Also why give someone a reasonable workload when you can just bully and harass them instead? Even if you could theoretically keep up with that and never stack out, you won’t get any kind of thanks for it except maybe more work
  11. 104Feeder

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    Someone gets it. I'll add that Supervisors working are stealing from all of us in two significant ways:
    1. Pension contributions. That Sup and the unhired worker aren't making pension contributions nor are they recovered through the grievance process. Part timers tend to leave before they are vested and that forfeited money helps strengthen the pension for those who stay.

    2. That Sup and unhired worker aren't contributing to your healthcare plan, also money that isn't recovered through the grievance process. Part timers tend to be younger and healthier so the contributions have a net positive effect for all of us in strengthening the plans, lowering costs, and creating a larger pool of insured for negotiating leverage.
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  12. I find the Union is a waste of money. I also find it strange, that in my facility at least, all union reps are drivers. They have no idea about pre-load.
  13. MarvelousMunata

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    In my preload shift we have 3. One drives, one drops off irregs and the other sorts/loads.
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    Isn't Mexico y'all's neighbor?
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    Thats a different kind of neighbor...the kind you dont really talk to cuz you stole their stuff way back when
  16. 542thruNthru

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    Some of our best shop stewards are preloaders. Maybe you should step up.
  17. That’s great, I didn’t say shop stewards, I said pre-load.
  18. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    Yes but you said all union reps are drivers. I assumed you meant stewards.
  19. burrheadd

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  20. 542thruNthru

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    Who me?