What are the chances this contract passes?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BearcatShane09, May 14, 2013.

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    I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere on here so I apologize if there are many threads on this but I just feel like this contract is so bad that there is no way it passes. Where does this benefit anyone? Full time or part time. I see no benefits for anyone from this deal. Do the contracts always pass? Has one failed? Is this expected to pass?
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    Local 396 will most likely bring out hall to attempt to sell it to us, but he's gonna have a ROOM FULL of Pi$$ed off Teamsters waiting for him! H wont dare attempt to tackle this himself, he knows a lynch mob is waiting for him.


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    The national will be ratified by a 2-1 margin with most of the supplements approved by the same margin.
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    It's over and the fat lady is singing! Oh, I'm sorry- "Calorically Enhanced"!
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    This piece of excrement is going to pass, look who is counting the votes. Maybe the cheerleaders should call part timers "Step Brothers" instead of "Brothers", because they get stepped all over once again by fulltimers. Retirees should probably be called "Ex-Brothers" to be more accurate. I'm voting no, at least I will retire with a clean conscience. I will have to keep a good eye on my retirement savings so I will be able to afford health insurance after it will be jacked up later down the road.
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    How about calling them red headed step children??
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    It will pass thru. 50% ft will vote. 8% pt will vote. Nationwide it will pass around 75%. 25% wont vote. Only because the union wont let it fail. ;-)
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    Gotta vote to be heard. Vote early and vote often.
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    Vote NO! Vote early! Vote often!
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    It will probably pass thanks to "members urged to vote yes." And it will be up to your reps to salvage your regional agreements, as for me I will vote NO.
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    I think I will vote NO as well. It really bothers me that we are sacrificing the unborn. Four year progression for a PC driver with ZERO over 9.5 protection for those four years? Are you kidding me??? That is like giving management a license to kill. Those guys are screwed.

    Vote yes, and you are an accomplice.
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    Experts like "DAVE" have no clue what they are talking about.

    LESS than 10% of the total membership in the country will cast a ballot. Of those, early predicitions show this proposal dies on its first attempt. Every LOCAL in the country, except maybe "DAVES" has a majority of members expressing a wish to VOTE NO on this proposal.

    The Teamsters have NEVER had a complete voter turnout on a contract.

    VOTE NO.


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    Everyone I've asked so far is voting NO. Most are because of healthcare concerns. So maybe there is a chance. It only takes a few moments just to talk to a fellow teamster. Also with social media and what not, it's easier to get the word out. So harder for them to hide the 'lowlights' of the contract.
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    Yes. Even five years ago, at the time of the last contract, the internet wasn't as pervasive as it is now. Especially, as you said, opie, social media like facebook and twitter is much more well known and utilized. So information and opinions get out to more people now. It is harder for only the "official" line to be heard, and for negative details to be hidden from the voters.
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    It doesn't matter who casts what votes. All that matters is who is counting those votes, and because of that reason alone my guess is the contract will pass by a large margin. JMHO.
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    when the IBT voted for this TA at 100% doesn't that raise a RED FLAG to anyone?
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    Is there an independent party watching over the vote counting? If not there should be..