What Traits In A Supervisor Do You Admire/Hate?

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    What traits/characteristics do you admire/hate in supervisors if any? What makes a supervisor good and bad? What makes a supervisor someone you want to work for and someone you want to drag your feet on?
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    This should be good :funny:
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    Well my pt. sup is great along with my ft. sups. They are good because they don't put you down or say demeaning things. They get the job done and done on time but they never yell or scream. When you do someting good they always say thanks or good job or always let you know put in a hard days work. Like one day our unload processed a huge amount of volume on time and the next day they all made it a point to thank each and every one of us. Also it msy not seem like much but they all take the time to learn everyone's name that means a lot to me.

    We had a pt. sup who was always putting us hourlies down and yelling at us about how we screwed up never had a good thing to say and nobody ever listened to him.

    So basically just a sup who is laid back and appreciates hard work.

    I also hate when we are shortstaffed with high volume and they want more work in less time that does bug me because most of our new guys try to kill themselves when they are told to hurry up had one get hurt 2 weeks ago becuase of this.
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    I suppose I'll put in my reply. When I was down in the trenches as an hourly, there were 2 supervisors that I literally admired how they carried themselves.

    Both were in their mid 20's. When they came to attendance, they were almost always spot on. But I always worked hard for them, always. Why? A few reasons.

    They always took any question or concern I had to the heart. They would stop everything, lean in to hear me out, and either resolve the issue or get back to me when they had some spare time.

    Not once did they ever disrespect me or call me out in front of the work group. They always pulled me aside, talked to me one on one if they had an issue.

    They always seemed to be sweating or running around the most, even though they were not touching a single box. Supervisors who seem to take on the burdens of their employees, management and the company deserves just a little bit of appreciation, hate them or not I think.
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    I personally cant stand a supervisor who is always getting in your way, wont leave you alone to do the job. For me, I have been preloading for almost two years now and I am quite good at it. Never stacked, rarely have misloads. The other supes in the building know this and just let me do my work, basically dont treat me like a child. Theres one however that always has something to say, and pretty much loves the fact that they are in a position of power(somewhat). They basically think they are gods gift, which just annoys me beyond belief.
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    I respect supervisors who aren't too petrified of their superiors to stick up for their employees.

    Over the 23 years I have worked here I have seen a lot of company "policies" come and go ,and a lot of supervisors.

    For example when we were implementing the 'remote delivery' plan. We as drivers knew it was destined to fail as did our center manager.

    But I respected his honesty when he told us he needed to show a certain number on paper to his superiors. He treated us like adults who were in the same boat he was and we tried to help him.

    Just tell us what has to be done, but if it is wrong have the balls to speak up on the conference calls so the people implementing these plans can change them.

    I have never been impressed by someone who can be a hard ass to people below them but are a coward when it comes to equals or their bosses.
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    A supe that notoly listens but also actually hears what you're saying gets a big thumbs up from me.
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    Respect for me, of course goes a long way. For me, it is really important to have a good sense of humor.

    If these guys cannot laugh at some of the crap that UPS does, what can you laugh at??

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    One thing that pisses me off about other sups is yelling and screaming at another person (be it another sup or hourlie)
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    My on road Sup, is sometimes critizes by other as a rude one, for me personally, is the most fair guy on earth, if one doesnt go the job, how can you expect any simpaty, what about drivers that complain too much, Im known as the NO driver, simply because I never say NO, thats something that my Sup likes about me, yeah I know some of you guys will disagree with me, but believe me those OT hours come very handy on Friday.
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    I probably dont thank my fters all the time unless they do something out of the ordinary (sorts 50/50 ft/pt) i normally always thank the pters when they turn in their timecards
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    Going back to the original thread, my 19 years here and my 8 in the Air Force, the last 2 in a supervisory position, have exposed me to a wide range of supervisors, those who knew what they were doing and those who thought that they knew what they were doing but didn't have a clue. The best supervisors that I have had provided us with the tools and training that we needed and then allowed us to do our jobs. The worst supervisors that I have had did the above but then became a fixture above our right shoulders watching our every movement.
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    I don't want much from my sup. Give me a fair dispatch and basically leave me alone.
  17. 705red

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    Like-able traits are sups that understand to show respect is to get respect, respect is earned by a man/woman not given to a title.

    I have no problem with a sup that's gets on an employee for making a mistake just as long as this same sup gives credit were credit is due. Its a two way street.

    Its a lot easier to respect a sup that has proven that they could do your job, compared to a sup that thinks they can do your job but really has no clue.

    As i have said in the past that when you deal with the human element you will be forced to deal with different attitudes of management. The thing i have figured out is be your self. we see different management come and go and to many people attempt to change their ways to adjust to a new management team. If you stay your self it will be a smoother transition if not you will not know who you really are. Management comes and goes, the seniority lifers do not.
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    In front of the entire crew, instead of doing it out of earshot of everyone else.
  19. No such person

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    About 2 weeks ago on a business route I went out heavy, and at my first stop the customer refused delivery of 28 huge packages. I called my sup and told him I was going to have to unload and then reload these things at every stop, he said " I'll see what I can do ". Less than an hour later he was there to take them off my truck. That's a good sup.
  20. 705red

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    Thats also a sup working grievance were i come from.