Why part timers deserve more $$$

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by phillly0588, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. phillly0588

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    Most part timers have to carry 2 jobs to make ends meet for starters. Secondly, they bust there ass so trying to compare them to wal-mart employees and people that work at mcdonalds is crazy talk. They have to work stupid hours of the night, and early mornings. Deal with drivers that bitch and moan about every lil thing and deal with supervisors harassing them telling them to work faster and faster. Should a part time job be like that? Sounds more like full time to me! So a new guy at ups making 8.50 an hour and a driver making $27 an hour plus ot is fair? Its horsesh$t!!!! If u full-timers want good workers loading your trucks vote NO for the new contract, its in your best interests for sure!!!! :tongue_sm
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    Hey Phillly, did you know your pay rate when you accepted this job? (if you really do work for UPS)
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    I agree with Phily, damn I make $28.77 an hr and the folks loading are starting at $8.50! And now they want a 3 year progression? That is a deal breaker for me. The union let them down. I don't care if I get a raise or not, give the PT an increase and maybe we'll see less damages and people actually showing up to work. Of course FT combo would help too.The union wants us FT making the most because we have the hightest percentage of union participation and they get 2.5 times our wage. The PT save the union dues because they have to work a day to pay it and thus loose the vote. I mentioned this to a fellow employee this am and his reply was "do you really care if they have to wait 3 years...". Well, yes I do! In reality i see the International brotherhood of Teamsters more correctly the Internatinal Brotherhood of independant self-concerning individuals.
  4. SmithBarney

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    They should do away with P/T preloaders, have combo drivers come in
    and load their truck plus one other, work from 3am to Noon, have a
    second shift come in at noon, deliver and p/u and do the reload job till 8
    now you have two 8-9 hour shifts. Eliminate alot of needless employees
    and create a bunch of f/t jobs
  5. deede99ff

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    Hey I started as a part timer making 8.00 an hour today. 20 years later I make 24.39 an hour. Pay the dues do the time. We aren't up with full timers yet, but you have to earn it!!!!
  6. Leftinbuilding

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    Fredly, when I started it was "driver Load". Higher seniority started at 6:00 am. Lower seniority at 9:00 am. Much better quality loads, and in most cases, one of the routes you loaded was your own.
  7. SmithBarney

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    I'm familiar with driver load, we've had to do it from time to time when feeders were late.
    and since I've left and moved(started with fred 6 mo.s ago) I driver load everyday.
    Never have a misload, and the load is practically perfect everyday and if its not
    there is only one person to blame.. and I put him in his place so he'll never make that mistake again.. ;)
    I think it would work in the companies best interest for effiecency.
    Heck if they did a split shift, you could potentially drive the same
    truck as the PM driver, with all his packages, and kinda sort his load
    during the day, so that when he comes on, it gets hammered out.
  8. brownieboy

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    Hmmmm???:confused:1:confused:1there is an idea
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that part-timers should be given a little more but since I've been part-time almost 10 years I'm doing pretty good so I can't really complain. Plus I drive allot. I've heard a few of our full-time drivers say that they wouldn't mind not getting another raise in the next contract if it would help part-timers get a little more. The only thing that has been done to improve this is that $0.10/hr "catch up raise" in the current contract and anyone, whether you believe that part-timers are getting the shaft or not, should agree that that move wasn't very impressive. UPS will have to do something soon because all the Earn and Learn programs, retention bonuses, and free computers won't be enough to keep people from quiting to go work some place else.
  10. tieguy

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    What part timers deserve is really irrelevant. Part timers don't show up at the union hall so they don't get what they may feel they deserve.
  11. longlunchguy

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    I worked preload for 3 yrs before I got my driving spot. Yes, I had to work another job, and yes, it was tough. But, why are we comparing what a senior driver makes to a STARTING RATE for a new part time hire. I know a few ladies that prefer to stay part time in our center with almost 20 yrs seniority and they're closer to $22 than $8.50. And they have health benefits for their families and a pension. Go ask McDonalds to match that. Yeah, it is hard work, and a lot of drivers are whiners. But if you decide to stay with UPS it can be financially rewarding. Part time or full time.
  12. Up_and_at_UPS

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    Sadly, that's true. As a part timer I would love to have a raise in pay to about $12.00 after 90 days probation, yet no PT's show up at the mtgs. to make such proposals. Last meeting ther were four of us to about 50 FT's. You can't get what you don't ask for. Why would they care about four PT's when the FT's make their(TEAMSTERS) money and show up at the mtgs? I am sure that this is the way it is across the board, very poor representation on behalf of PT's. True, I am sure we will get what we deserve, if we don't care why should they(TEAMSTERS).
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    There is one good reason why we are comparing the starting wages of a part-timer to a senior driver. Because sooner or later part-timers aren't going to want to work for $8.50/an hour when they'll be go to Starbucks, Walmart, and other places that will pay almost the same or even exceed UPS's rate. Driver are always complaining about load quality. Even as a part-time driver I have problems with loads so I understand. Well, if we all think it's bad just wait until a few years down the road when $8.50/hr isn't really worth that much anymore. The turnover rate will surely sky rocket. And I thought turnover rates were bad now but they could get worse. I was pretty pleased to start at $8.50/hr back when I was hired but that was then. Soon it will have to improve. It's not greed. It's economics.
  14. GuyinBrown

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    When you're comparing the 8.50 starting wage of a part timer and the wage of a driver, you're also comparing an employee that has been with the company for less than a year and an employee that has more than likely put in 10+ years ( part time + progression ). With very few outside hire exceptions, we all went through it and put our time in. Do the part timers deserve a higher starting wage? Absolutely. But let's keep the comparison in perspective.
  15. dillweed

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    As one of the pt ladies who has been with UPS for many years I make very good money. Hired in under a contract that covered myself and entire family with no premiums and I didn't have to wait for years to get it. I have worked hard to get where I am and have handled enough pkgs and BS to feel I deserve the pay and bennies.

    Don't understand, however, why the starting wage hasn't increased in all these years. Eight-fifty just isn't enough to draw good people who will work the way we have to. I look around at our newer pt employees and wonder what kind of driving pool we're going to have six to eight years from now. :mellow:

    Fredly00's idea is a good one but would it work? If those folks didn't show up every day there would be chaos with a lack of experienced drivers to take over the routes. Maybe the higher rate of pay and more professional position would attract better employees. But what would happen to the ft drivers we have now? The union wouldn't allow all those ft jobs to disappear. Heck, that's what we fight for all the time, more ft jobs. Combo jobs are not the same as ft jobs and our current drivers aren't going to go for it.

    I've heard it said that part timers are the backbone of UPS and see the truth in that. Many of us enjoy the physical work-out but wouldn't want to tackle an entire day of it.

    Only time will tell how the current set-up is going to affect the future of UPS. And we'll all be there watching..

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I have been with UPS for 13 years. I started sorting at about 8.50/9.00 an hour. Can't exactly remember what it was because I also worked at a golf course after I got out of work. I put in my time and paid my dues and now have been driving for 7 years and getting paid top rate. If you are working at UPS part time and thats your only job......GOOD LUCK
    I don't want to hear anyone complaining about the pay....the rewards outweigh the stress of picking up a second part time job

    Most PTers are young and in college when they apply (like myself), and as long as you get your foot in the door, a few years down the road will be a bigger paycheck

    I put 10% of my paycheck in a 401k. If you think you can lay on a beach in Hawaii living off your pension.....GOOD LUCK

    We all make our own way in life. The smart ones enjoy it a lot more.
  17. VTBrown

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    If you Part Timers don't like it......


    If you don't your only proving my point that the pay is irrelevant as to why you are here.

    Load Quality has improved immensely since PAS on a whole. Obviously there are still some glitches that the complainers here will harp upon though.....it is MUCH better.

    It's like the ding dongs complaining about 3 year progression now. My god....it's real rough that it will take 36 months to go from $14.70hr to $32.12hr by the end of this new contract. What has the world come to?
  18. Dirty Savage

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    It is kind of dumb that part-time drivers make a good deal less than us full-time drivers. I mean, they're doing the same work for less pay. At our centre, we have a couple of part-time people who actually put in more hours a day than most of us full-time people.
  19. tieguy

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    I think its time we start questioning the membership of the phillys of the world. He did not show up here before the contract offer. He has no interest in being a part of this community here. His only interest is using this website for his own personal agenday. He's a troll in every way.
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    deede99ff, take aminute to think about your statement. If you started in 1987 at $8.00 per hour, you were making over double the minimum wage of $3.85 per hour her in Georgia. I was in the same boat in 1989. Freshman in College and working at the mall for $3.85 per hour. I heard about UPS at $8.00 per hour, health insurance, and weekends off and I said "Where do I sign". Yes, you and I are making really good part-time money now and then. A $.50 increase in starting wage since 1982 is a joke. You know what $8.00 an hour bought you in 1987. It was twice as much as it buys now.