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Just bring an extra pair of socks. My boots have extra insulation causing my feet to sweat. Fresh socks at around 4 in the afternoon really helps you be comfortable to finish out the day.


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I use Wolverines, my feet never get wet, i wear gold toe socks plus thermal socks and my feet are fine all day.



Had a new hot shot boss wear some like these to the PCM one time

I asked him if stole them out of the 3rd grade coat room

Netsua 3:16

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Best 80$ I've ever spent. 4 months in still in great shape. Took a good 2 weeks to break in though and those 2 weeks weren't very pleasant for my feet.


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Have you guys found any boots that don’t get your feet wet by noon? haha i’ve bought danners, red wings, timberlands. all junk!

ECCO Track series mid or high ankle boots are Gore-Tex (waterproof) and as good as it gets for wet weather if you’re willing to pay for them. Last a long time.


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Never found a waterproof boot in 30 years of driving.

I wore light weight tennis shoes year around. If the snow got deep I wore rubber overshoes over them. I've never had cold feet in my life. I must have excellent circulation (or else my feet are dead).