Central,Western PA and 243 count today

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  1. Good for the 15 days we were out and then some.
    Today we (on augmented Teamcare) would be on Cobra starting week two.
    Another great detriment to striking.
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    This is what I struggle with.... in regards to this situation.

    How did members not know this ?

    Was it a deliberant attempt, to deceive the membership ?

    Or, a lack of member involvement to show up and ask questions ?

    Freight members (NMFA.... not UPS Freight) are required 3 punches.

    I still have to maintain my position of "lack of knowledge and participation".

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  3. We went to the healthcare meeting. I sat thru every meeting on the proposed cba in 13-14.
    The Teamcare rep (from Chicago) explained all the changes and what was allegedly better about the new plan, including the clause that if you didnt go out of the provider network for the two years preceeding the members death the member's family will get five years of continued health care coverage at no cost to them.
    The rep also told us that if you went out of network one time in the two yrs prior to the members death the family's healthcare was no longer in effect, even tho the company plan gave the family a six month grace period.

    The meeting took place the very day that Obama told Hoffa that they would get no exemption but later changed his mind.

    At NO time was the issue about the change from one punch per month to one punch per week brought up.

    In fact, I believe it was in Louisville at Worldport where one of our drivers heard about two drivers switching vacation weeks and the one who had no contributions for the week had a family member get unscheduled surgery and they inherited the whole bill.

    It was news to many of us after the fact.

    It became such an contentious issue that some teamcare reps in other locals walked out before the meeting was over due to the plan getting less valuable with Teamcare vs the company plan we had for decades and those members in attendance were pretty vocal.

    We were never told. I'm sure the omission was purposeful considering the issue was so volatile.
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  4. I know that many of us UPSers had no idea what freight requirements were to get their health care for the month but also we were greatly enlightened to the fact that other locals in our state were not in the same plan as ours.
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    Word on the street is there'll be a wee bit of gambling going on and I mustn't darken my spotless reputation of solid citizenship. Who knows, I may want to run for office one day. How could I face the BC onslaught?
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  6. Other than the issue that @Integrity would start a thread on it I'd say you'd fit in well here.
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    This is absolutely untrue. I'm in almost daily contact with members of my Executive Board who are on the negotiating committee. UPS was the only party unwilling to make any attempts to further negotiations. That is why the offer we may be forced to take is 99% 2008 & 2013 MOUs.
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    Are you still a awful lover?
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    What happened, you didn't get a reach around???
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    Absolutely. The Teamcare 1 punch rule was never disclosed to the members. It was not forthright and deceptive.

    Just as now, the pieces of work Teamster officials and the negotiating committee refuse to inform members if laid off Mon. or Tues. RPCDs can bump 22.4s on a Sat and/or Sun. They refuse to answer.

    Purposely hiding imperative information regarding major changes in working conditions, wages and terms of employment is disgraceful. What is even more disconcerting is it is a violation of the NLRB act.
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    You are really on top of things.... aren't you ?

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    No doubt. That was already posted in another thread. It was posted on the 243 website early this afternoon.

    Nothing there changes the fact that the Master Negotiating Commitee and UPS are purposely not answering a simple question.
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    BUG, how does your deflection of a post in any way correlate with Browned Out's post that you quoted?

    Hey, at least you didn't flog that dead horse mantra of yours, "it's all the member's faults!"
  14. BigUnionGuy

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    Does the Union need to hold the hand of the members while they vote ?

    Maybe get them a woobie and a cup of hot chocolate....
  15. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Perhaps instead of holding management 's hands...
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    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    So if the the Central States Health and Welfare (Team Care) is doing well and growing and we just negotiated a .50 hourly increase (full time)/.30 hourly increase (part timer) over the next 5 years would it not be fair to expect some improvement with our annual coverages.
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    But then do you think it would be fair to assume healthcare costs will remain stable for the next five years? H&W administrators plan according to experience. HC and prescription drug costs have historically risen above inflation.

    Exactly the reason UPS wanted out.
  20. Benben

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    UPS had been paying $.50/hr raises each year! They are now; $.42 for 2018, $.43 for 2019 and $.45 for 2020. Yet another concession given up by our union but got swept under the rug before anyone caught it!