How Big (or small) is your center


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Thought for sure this was gonna be an Inde thread.


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The Hub I worked at had 4 Centers.
I think they combined Centers and now have 2.
Did it to cut dead weight at center manager and other Management.
50 routes give or take per center when it was 4 centers. Peak was 65 to 70 routes per center.


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Small. One belt. 4 load doors/1 unload door. 20 pkg routes. 8 feeder drivers. Center manager is in another building 50 miles away. 1 On car. More pt sups than part-timers lol


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Usually 14 to 18 routes. One crooked on road sup and a ctr mgr that shows up once a year to eat. 3 OMS gals...2 are dumb as a sackful of hammers.