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Are Unions ethical?

  1. Yes, initiating violence is how we roll

  2. Yes, blackmailing managment is okay

  3. No, violating the non aggression principle is never acceptable

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    Fair pay, pension, medical benefits, job security, plus protection against discrimination, harassment and unfair termination. All things the union offers you. I’m not saying labor unions are perfect. Sure the union will be caught up protecting a total POS from time to time, but such is life.

    Think of it as a lawyer protecting a suspected murderer, rapist or child molester. Regardless of the accusations and even facts, that person is entitled to due process of law. Meaning a lawyer will have to lookout for the best interest of someone that murdered his family, raped a child, etc. Union stewards act in such a way. They may not always like the person they’re protecting but they’re obligated to look out for your best interest.
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    You should be pointing the finger at management for not doing their job. They should follow the steps the lead up to taking the employee for a "fit for duty" exam.
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    Dude, OP is clearly a preload PT sup who's sceered of the big, bad steward.
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    My problem with OP is how much a slimy identity politics progressive leftist he is. I bet he's still got a Hilary bumper sticker on his lil Nissan Leaf. His repudiation of his center's drivers carrying guns on their shift? This whipped snowflake probably donated to Beto to help ban and take away all guns and wants to repeal the 2nd amendment.

    Don't get me started about him saying 'Oh, if he was 'native' he'd be fired by now, oh' or whatever liberal propoganda. That alone proves OP believes the state narrative. He's not management, he's a radical leftist dumb-o-crat.

    And don't get me started about how he took a freedom-killing, job-creator undermining, thug enforcing, mob backing, civil rights enforcing, solidarity seeking, self interest considering, union job in the first place. Guaranteed Pension? Health Benefits? Wage guarantees? Maybe that had been an expectation of my parents' generation but it sounds like a pretty commie, utopian, and elitist dream to me! I came on this board honorably to troll commie libs I both don't understand and feel inferior to about ideals I learned from my alcoholic Dad but it sounds like this guy actually cares about his working conditions and wants to fight for them like some union sellout.
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