Telematics-Whats the REAL reason?

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    I have been racking my brain over and over again trying to figure out the REAL reason for telematics. IF its true that they cant discipline over things that are found out through telematics then whats the point? They cant dispatch worth a hoot right now and keep people from 9.5 and all telematics is going to do is slow drivers down so guess what. 9.5 days are going to go up. You guys already running this am I right in thinking this at all? I just dont see the point in spending millions of dollars on something that we just flat out dont need. UPS is talking about cutting costs and such then why spend money on something such as this? We are already watched, spied on, and manipulated enough! Anybody out there know the REAL reason???
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    Total control. That's it in a nutshell. Nothing more nothing less.
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    Occam's razor as used by scientists is, "when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better."

    In this case, UPS thinks (right or wrong) that Telematics has saved UPS millions of dollars and that it makes UPS a safer place to work and safer to the public. And UPS's trademark management element is control - don't forget that.

    All the conspiracy theories are fun and creative but they are not as simple and make no business sense.


    Well thats as bad as UPS selling information to FedEx on how they dispatch, and do Edd. Why would you EVER give the competition ANYTHING when its going to make them more efficient? Seriously the guys sitting in Atlanta running this company are complete blithering idiots! Guys who have no idea what its like being out in the elements, dealing with people delivering packages.
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    You finally got it congratulations.
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    The system will pay for itself in no time. It will cut down on drivers going way off route to eat or go shopping. I have heard of one driver that was fired for driving ten miles off his area to eat lunch at his parents house everyday. He was warned multiple times and continued to do it. When we went live on it, we were told to pack a lunch if the area we bid on didn't have any restaurants. No mention of restrooms was made at the time. My Center lost a driver for going six miles off area for no reason. On one hand, it will prove that we were not in a certain area if we are falsely accused of doing something. Personally, it no longer bothers me. It shows that I am on my route and working. It has slowed me down a little and my paycheck is bigger. Its the company's vehicle and packages, if they want to watch it its OK. It may even cut down on the number of supervisors we need.


    How could they not see that before with the GPS already on the diad though?
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    OK this is just my opinion,and I'm just a driver,like you from what I read.
    The shareholders have a problem with controlling costs in operations .
    Why does it take one driver 8.5 hrs to do a run and another runs 2.5 hrs over?
    Why isn't every day the same as the previous one?
    Easy,use google maps to reloop everything to save miles and be more productive.
    They are indifferent to the fact that the pre set allowances for drivers running over the allowed time
    are set ridiculously high.They long to have a way to control every aspect of the job to reduce costs.
    I personally believe that these people think that most of us are time stealing milk the clockers that need to be weeded out.
    Telematics is their way of getting one step closer to absolute control. far as reality goes,the unpredictability of circumstances overrides all predictions.
    You asked
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    Telematics keeps the driver's honest.


    This isnt personally said to you Cementups but I dont need ANY computer controlled gadget for me to be honest.
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    Not nesessarily
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    Telematics makes a below average by there standards driver into a superstar on the report.
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    It`s something for the brainiacs to use so they think they can alter the outcome of any given problem. Problem is the computer and all its programing can`t adapt on its own to conditions that arise. Their answer to everything is "Well the computer says........".
    When anyone tells me the computer they`re looking at shows one thing I tell them my computer shows a different thing. "What computer?", they ask. "The Brainomat 1000", I tell them. It`s an older operating system but it`s dead nuts reliable and was programmed from experience.
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    The real reason for telematics and the new GPS equipped computers in the tractors is:

    ........drum roll........

    Management is scared to death we are doing the same thing they are doing:

    lie, cheat and steal
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    I didn't know what to think about it at first , but now being on it for a month I am not as worried about being followed or pied on because the computer will tell on me , so I got to thinking if the computer is telling what I am doing then what's the points of on roads sups , so watch out sups their trying to phase you guys out
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    Same thing over and over again ... but then you are a 1 trick pony.

    Humorous though.
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    A) Saftey- backing has been reduced in my center and with everyone knowing that speeds can be monitored at the exact locations has made us very aware of speed limits

    B) Miles and Gas - The ONLY discipline issued at my center since Telematics was issued has been over going off area for lunch.An exact acceptable distance for going off area has yet to be established,and most drivers are leery over going off area.

    C) Reduction of Management- i beleive this is Telematics 1.0, and each succeeding refinement and 'tweak' will be aimed ,in part for the reduction of management
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    And will be a good tool in the future when the high paid union worker is a thing of the past. Just think, with all the technology anyone can drive for UPS, who needs a union then??....In the future with half the pay for a non-union workforce you can afford a little less production and provide exceptional service. This will make UPS even more competitive and make the shareholders giddy.