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So I’m taking my permit tests next Friday anything special I need to know or are they straight forward. Thanks
From what I remember is to make sure you read the questions thoroughly they word them sometimes so you’d think it’s one answer but really another.


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we set off our own trap?
It's really dumbfounding how people don't understand how there is a process to everything and consequences if it isn't followed. Just because you 'feel' something should happen, or processes ignored, doesn't mean that is what should, or would happen. For example, the often mocked "Last,Best, and Final Offer" is part of the process of declaring an impasse that allows the employer to take certain actions. UPS didn't offer to keep negotiating because they felt really bad about the 22.4 language or that our constitution had a 2/3 rule.


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Funny.... I've never said that.

(even though it's better than Upstate NY)


Local 639's pension is even better than the Western Conference.
Lol. Central is a disaster Big Guy. But yes- New York (not just Upstate) is a mess. That's what happens when a bunch of pretend gangsters oversee pension funds. They definitely can destroy a plate of spaghetti.