Is the south screwed?

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    I was wondering if Hoffa and hall have to go back to renegotiate the failed supplements is there a chance the southern agreement may benefit from any enhancements to those negotiations?I voted NO but the majority of people in the south voted YES.Does this mean if UPS comes to the table with better offerings to sweeten the pot,us in the south will be screwed and left out?
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    Did your supplement pass? If so, what you see is what you get.
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    Isn't there a chance that ups/union may have to modify the master in order to get everyone else on board.
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    That depends on whose side you were on during the Civil War.
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    You folks need to understand that this contract (2013) was blessed on August 1st, 2007. Like Mike Eskew used to say. "UPS doesn't plan for the next quarter. We plan for the next quarter century." And that is how companies survive.
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    I googled "right to work states" under images. I thought for a second I was looking at a map of the union states vs confederate states.
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    You're stuck with what you got most likely.
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    Don't know much about the Civil War?

    Right-to-work-for-less-map-Slide not South.jpg
    Right-to-work-for-less-map-Slide not South.jpg
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    ​Hoaxster is primo fact-checker.
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    How many of those were states during the Civil War though? [​IMG]
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    Probably not as much as you! You should spin that map around to show the states that actually existed during the civil war. ;)