My building is totally prepared for Amazon Prime Day

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Most of prime does not roll in until wednesday-friday this week. Regardless. Gave my buddies a good 9:20AM start time. Almost the latest people to leave. A good load late is almost always better than a bad load early, but having to kick out air for an hour with no other time is still annoying af.


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Lol,no. Was being sarcastic.


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I had an 11:30 chiropractor apt----I over slept and had to reschedule for 1:00. I'm still getting caught up on the sleep I missed when the grandkids were here.


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Had 42 off by 1230

I just had one of those days where everything was going right the whole morning. Quite amazing actually. Every business was there and not busy. No cars in most of the parking lots as it was early. No bulk stops today (highest piece count in the first 70 was 6 pieces.) I could walk through my car front to back without tripping on anything. My largest piece today was a bicycle.

It was just one of those rare, good days. I'm bringing my loader breakfast tomorrow morning.