Ups partners?

Never have hated on IE. I hate on the ignorant people who think they’re to important or special to see that reality is closing in on them. Time for you to wake up and realize your just a cog like everyone else
there is no one who understands being a replaceable cog more than me

that's why I can honestly and bluntly say without ego that IE isn't going anywhere anytime soon


IT very heavily as well as the beginning of cuts to operations. Marketing was already hit, they shrunk over 2/3, same as GBS and solutions.


Will be interesting to see how much ops gets cut
Not sure if anyone has said this already. But ive heard there are two waves to these cuts. First wave will cut about roughly 8-10K and those cuts should be complete by around July. Then for the remainder of the year, they will look to see what else can be cut which should be what remains out of the 12k.

Though, 12k from what I’ve heard is more the “goal” of how many people they want gone from UPS by the end of the year. So if 1000 people resign this year, theoretically that would be part of the 12k then. Im guessing from OPS, if there is still any surplus by end of year out of all the folks who have been/are to be forcibly moved to another CTR/HUB thats where most of the cutting will be.

I have NOT been lurking

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The final headcount "impacted" will likely be well above 12k. Actual plan is up to 14k depending on organic attrition.