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    But you're the bottom....
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    Government owns USPS. Government owns DOT. Coincidence? I think not.
  4. Rick Ross

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    I'm not sure how far into progression you are but that doesn't sound bad. You do all local stuff and they contract out the long runs?

    Is it true you guys don't pre-trip or post-trip because a mechanic does it for you?

    Are all trailers loaded with the rolling carts or are they loaded floor to ceiling? I've always wondered if they are hauling around half empty trailers full of carts. :)
  5. Mack37

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    No logs, no required 30 min breaks, no resets no nothing. If you want to work 12 hours a day 365 days in a row and the work is available then go nuts. DOT physicals are only required because USPS volunteered to participate but there are ways around that as well.

    Yeah the long distance stuff is pulled by contractors, we do the local plant to plant and plant to station runs as well as the customer drop and hooks. My current run is 8.5 hours and I driver about 100 miles a day.

    I think you’re supposed to do a pre-trip but most don’t other than checking lights. The mechanics walk around every day and check fluids and tires and add as necessary. It’s rather funny seeing that the newest postal marked trailers that I’ve see are 1998’s. We’re not subject to DOT inspections and aren’t required to enter scales if you happen to come across any. There are no license plates, dot numbers Ifta or insurance.

    All the mail we handle is rolling stock or pallets. When your low in seniority you’ll have runs where you’re pushing mail but once you get up there it will be all drop and hook. Volume depends on the size of the station you serve.
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  6. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    USPS isn't owned by the Government anymore.
  7. Mack37

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    USPS is the government . It’s an independent government agency like EPA or CIA. Most people think it’s a government owned entity like Amtrak but it isn’t.
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    That's crazy that you guys are exempt from pretty much all the laws that the rest of the transportation industry has to abide by.
    Do they even pee test you guys (tractor drivers)?
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    It's actually kind of funny.

    The government has all these laws for truck drivers to supposedly keep the public safe.

    They do not want tired truck drivers on the road possibly endangering the public.

    Let the USPS truck drivers drive as tired as they want to be risking the afety of the public.

    The government has put money over safety by not mandating the USPS truck drivers follow.DOT Regulations.
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    You know I don’t actually know. I piss tested when I hired on a good while back but I haven’t done one since. I remember when I was training the trainer said “this is the only truck driving job you can get a dui with and not get fired”. It’s a strange place.

    The union at UPS is better at getting you guys pay and benefits while the union at USPS is better at employee protection. We can’t strike so getting more money is a real hassle. There’s a reason I’m thinking about going back to ups.
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    Hmmm, next week we go to 70/8. No explanation.
    Anywhere else?
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  13. Mugarolla

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    Amazon Prime Day.

    2 days actually.
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    Ah, it all makes sense now!
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    Macy's is about to have a big sale too just to make things even more interesting!
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    I saw an article saying target was gonna do something too
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    All the big online retailers are following Amazon's lead.
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    Picked a Sleeper Run next week. I'll only be working three days.
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    How many miles will you run? Is that the entire run? If so that would be sweet, even if it was over the weekend!
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    And what is the DOT required paperwork needed in every tractor, GO !