Headed to Intergrad

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    Too much KFC?
  2. He didn't even care about his retro check.
    He said I'm outta here.
  3. That's ridiculous. We have a guaranteed number of full time jobs, you need that in your supplement.
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    He said peak, not beak!
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    Tip? Go to college
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    Is it Manual at the school in Massachusetts?
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    I have no idea but if TonyG is your real name, change your user name. This is an anonymous forum
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    Tony G, no they are all auto. I was there three weeks ago.
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    Note to newbies.....don't try to crush the routes during your 30-day. Hone your methods, make the telematics report look good. Take most of your lunch, but save the sprint and skip your lunch for the last 3 or 4 days so when you scratch and go past 30-days, you are in.

    Then go back to taking your 1hr meal.. :)

    Stay off your phone, social media will tank your numbers. 1 min per stop is about 2 hours added to your day...or more.