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  1. Wrong

    Wrong :))

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    is he wrong?
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    Wrong :))

    I just figured you could make a friend that shares your uhmmm, unique perspective on things.
  4. rickyb

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    is he wrong?
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    Wrong :))

    More than likely yes.
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    if you say so.

    ups and many corps treat their workers like dirt
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    Learn to drive a stick idiot
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    Is this another pickup attempt?
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    So how many hardworking hours are you owed back pay for now? It just goes on and on. Five years to figure out a contract. It comes out. It's trash. Nearly 60% vote no. A bunch of numbskulls won't even vote. Contract stuffed down your throats. Millions are owed. You get nothing. They are making a killing on the interest. How about you stop paying rent for 6+ months, or a phone bill, etc. Absolute bs that a company can get away with this type of treatment. And there workers are unionized....some union.
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    So after you've read through all of the off topic banter that plagues this thread (like the conversation above).....

    Here's the scoop on Integrad. I recently finished. There is a lot of bad information circulating on this site and out at the facilities.

    I'm telling you right now straight up, you WILL NOT fail this course unless you simply can't handle the vehicle safely on road. When I say that, I don't mean if you aren't a good driver. What I mean is if you hit something or endanger the instructors lives on the road you will fail.

    The course is not Military like at all like people mention here. The instructors do not expect much other than being on time and doing the best that you can. While they ask you to have an ironed uniform and shiny boots, people routinely showed up not being up to par. You are simply demonstrating that you are able to learn. There were many people in my class that likely won't survive their 30 days, but had no problem getting through this training.

    They are not training you to be a driver. They are simply preparing you for your first day of driver training back at your facility. If you are the worrisome type, save your worrying for performing when you get back to your facility. That's when you will truly be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Integrad is in no way a stressful environment and the staff do everything they can to prepare you for success.
  11. Maybe where you are at but that's not the case everywhere.

    If you don't know your DOK you are out.
    Don't have the proper uniform on, you are out.
  12. CooperD

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    I'm not saying that you can come in with tennis shoes and a carhart hoodie and pass. I'm simply stating that the standard isn't high and it would be a gigantic insult to the military to compare the uniform standards to the military. People too lazy to iron or put any effort into shining boots etc.
  13. UrFellowUpser

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    Idk wtf @CooperD is taking about but my experience was different going to integrad in Duluth, Ga
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    Probably loosened up since most of these snowflakes couldn’t cut it
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    Imagine if one of them had been on here a few years ago and seen.....

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  16. RTCD

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    The days of failing 1/3 to 1/2 of every class might be over. How many started and how many passed? Just curious.
  17. CooperD

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    I'd rather not give any specifics about where I went or specific numbers on who passed/failed. Not everyone passed as I mentioned but I can assure you that there is a HUGE grey area vs it being black/white pass/fail.

    Everyone has their own perception obviously and those that voice their strong opinions are typically those that had bad experiences. Usually people with positive experiences are less likely to go out of their way to post in an internet forum. That's just my opinion for what it's worth.

    If you're a new guy that's getting ready to go just relax and don't be stressed. As long as you show up with the proper items, stay focused and keep a positive attitude, it's seriously a walk in the park.

    Look at your new service provider book very carefully for days 1-5. ****Take note that one of the questions asked towards the instructor to sign off on is worded "New Service Provider Attitude toward Training". They really just want to see FOUR things..

    1. Ability to learn
    2. Focus and Desire to Succeed
    3. Positive Attitude
    4. That you aren't a hazard to yourself or others on the road

    Also, I'd like to mention that the expectations are different based on the individual. If you are one of the better/smarter people you will be challenged to meet perfection. If you are one of the slower more challenged people you will be challenged to be brought up to meet a good standard. The same will likely be the case once you get on road. They want to tune your skills to make you efficient.

    My opinions are obviously prior to actually being on road on the job so they may change, but for now I'll just say that if you expect to make 80g's a year with only a highschool diploma then you should get used to the fact that this kind of money comes tied to high expectations. Just think about that when you're wondering why they are constantly challenging you to perform at a higher level than where you are at as the week goes on.
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  18. Arch

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    The only thing that was semi helpful from Integrad was integration station. The little mock up town where you actually drive and deliver. All the other stuff is of little use or meaningless.

    I can safety say that passing your 30 day probation period is easier then Integrad because your allow to make errors, continue and have enough time to absorb it and get better. Integrad is one week and teaches a lot of useless stuff that unless you know the materials in advance you will likely fail.
  19. namechanged

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    I just completed integrad last week and this hits the nail on the head. The days leading up to road test + integration station were a little stressful, but nothing unmanageable. Once Thursday came and it was time to test out on those 2, I felt extremely confident and nearly stress free, more anxious than anything really.

    I read all sorts of crazy things in the weeks leading up to intergrad and those had me more stressed than the actual school itself. It's just like you said, people with negative experiences are more likely to be vocal than someone with a positive experience. Anyone that puts in the effort, follows taught methods, and keeps a positive attitude will pass with relative ease.