Headed to Intergrad

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    This is spot on. I went to Intagrad before peak last year. The staff went out of their way to help people.

    I passed no problem. I’m headed back in 2 weeks for a full time driver position.
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    He passed
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    Won't get into specifics as to when or where I went, but they failed 2/3 of my class, I :censored2: you not.
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    Out of curiosity, where did you attend?
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    I was at the training facility down in.......heeeey wait a minute. Nice try.
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    Must have been a bunch of
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    Oh ok, so you're just a shill that didn't make it through and are salty. It's ok little fella, life goes on
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    Nah man. I'm just new here and noticed this place is mostly smartasses. Thought I'd try and fit in. I mean yeah, I'll admit to still being very salty about coming up just short, but don't feel like taking any chances at possibly identifying myself as unlikely as it may be. I've seen threads on here where it's happpened.
  12. LOL Why did they even bother with the balls on the cones?
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    Im starting drive school 1st thing in the morning to get ready for a PT cover driver spot. I got my 5's and 10's down pact. Im terrible at asking questions when given the opportunity. How long is drive school and training. Do i make driver rates while in school. Anyone have any other tips or info i may not know to help me get thru all this as successfully as possible.
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    You make cover rate. (Edit: Might depend on your supplement. I made cover rate here in the south) If you know your 5 and 10 you're set. Test out on them on day one and get them over with. Don't fall asleep in class, don't hit any curbs or cones, practice the driving drill :censored2: after class, practice the pre trip :censored2: with your team, and do not forget to put your seatbelt on before starting the truck.
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    Don't crash. Don't hurt yourself. We don't have part time cover drivers here a cover guy is an FSP who doesn't have the seniority yet to win a bid on a route.

    Don't let the stress get to you period. You aren't even close to delivering yet so just drive, back up properly, and follow the methods. For real learn the methods they might seem stupid you might think you can go faster if you ignore them but slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Learn the methods if you're going to be a driver you want to build proper habits at the beginning. This way you do them naturally every time. And you don't get in accidents.

    If you're just in a class right now you're not in a packet so relax, do the computer crap, it's all boring AF like being an office drone. Just get through it this is just filler crap. You'll probably make beginning driver rate. I think that's like $18 an hour now or something.
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    Oh and find someone who knows how to iron.
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    Don't call it "drive school".
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    I recommend not showing up to driver school like this ..
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    Can you drive an automatic?
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