Headed to Intergrad

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    This is spot on. I went to Intagrad before peak last year. The staff went out of their way to help people.

    I passed no problem. I’m headed back in 2 weeks for a full time driver position.
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    He passed
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    Won't get into specifics as to when or where I went, but they failed 2/3 of my class, I :censored2: you not.
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    Out of curiosity, where did you attend?
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    I was at the training facility down in.......heeeey wait a minute. Nice try.
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    Must have been a bunch of
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    Oh ok, so you're just a shill that didn't make it through and are salty. It's ok little fella, life goes on
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    Nah man. I'm just new here and noticed this place is mostly smartasses. Thought I'd try and fit in. I mean yeah, I'll admit to still being very salty about coming up just short, but don't feel like taking any chances at possibly identifying myself as unlikely as it may be. I've seen threads on here where it's happpened.