Headed to Intergrad

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  1. So I Passed!
    Thanks again for all the info
    It was super easy. They ran 3 classes at once. They told us right off the bat there are so many people that they couldn’t run the reg integrad. Commentary drive and integration station that they just renamed tiny town were for our learning benefit and we were not graded on those.
    All we had to do was 5s and 10s, uniform, and modules. Of course had to stay safe too. A girl was hitting cones and all kinds of crap and she still passed.
    A few people left on there own and a few failed but everyone else passed.
    Next week is all seasonals and they are running the easy version into November.
    They even had trainer sups from all over the place. All of them were supper chill.
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  2. Miss Loads

    Miss Loads New Member

    Sounds like a waste of time ^
  3. PA to Stay

    PA to Stay New Member

    Yep, just finished yesterday, and thats about it in a nutshell. However, Lake Mary Florida is a bit on the military boot camp side. Funny thing though, as much as I was spitting and stomping about some of it, I thanked them for it at the end, and I sincerely meant it.
  4. Yeah it was except for the $26 an hour cover driver pay for sitting on my butt and staring at a computer all week. That was worth it
  5. This is the best way I can describe Integrad.

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  6. One guy actually got called out for sleeping
  7. eats packages

    eats packages Tetris Master

    From what I got off of reddit, they ran a hybrid deal.
    Integrad is sort of like a college class. And locally hosted NSPT courses are sort of like a technical institute class.
    They do not mix very well. In my opinion, they cut the good parts from NSPT and Integrad and left the bad parts.
    Nobody needs 14+ hours of training just to work the diad. And yet package car driving assessments totaled under 2 hours.
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  8. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    Good job your trophy’s in the mail
  9. Heavy Package

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    Good God how the standards are so low now. They really need to stop wasting so much time and money on Integrad and have a week on-road showing new drivers how to set up the car, properly deliver in the real world, and use the DIAD for all reasonable scenarios. We have drivers headed into peak who think 100 resi stops in a major suburb with 130 pieces on the car is a heavy day. No one is prepared for how to handle actual UPS delivery.
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  10. Mike Deez

    Mike Deez New Member

    Congrats! I'm headed out to school next week. Did you bring note taking stuff with you to the classes, or was it provided, or not needed? Thanks in advance.
  11. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    You mean pencil and paper
  12. Mike Deez

    Mike Deez New Member

    Yes, usually for any type of training or class I take plenty of pens, paper, notebook, etc to day one. Thanks for the help.
  13. Yeah just a note book some pens and a folder for some of the paper work you have to bring and that they give you.
    The note taking is up to you. It certainly helps but don’t go too crazy. The main thing you need your note book for is writing down all the answers you got wrong the first time you take some of the tests on the modules. That way you can pass it the next time you take it.
  14. Newguy313

    Newguy313 New Member

    Just came back from one memorize 5 s all of it and 10s commentary make sure your uniforms are perfect clean shaved haircut and u will be alright all our cars were automatic
  15. whereamI?

    whereamI? New Member

    Any regulars have any info of how class is at West Boylston, MA?

    Ok so every single word of the 5s, for 10s is it just the bold and then just being able to explain them?

    Haven’t clean shaven in a decade it always irritated my face in my early 20s, I’ll give it a run this week now that I’m older and wiser.
  16. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    How you looking on tattoos
  17. whereamI?

    whereamI? New Member

    No arms, one each above my inner ankles and the tops of my feet.

    Do we get issued long socks? If not I’ll get high enough socks or wear pants.
  18. BrownRollin

    BrownRollin New Member

    Hey all,

    Off the street hire and heading to Integrad in Franklin Park.

    Anyone been there recently to give me some tips/hints? Much appreciated!
  19. MECH-lift

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  20. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    My paperwork feedback shows that's the toughest integrad in the company .