Headed to Intergrad

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    Read your supplement.

    Mine states they’re to be furnished AND MAINTAINED by the company. Basically nobody irons theirs at my building. Some have shirts half worn through from the seatbelt just seeing how long they can go till management orders them new.
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    What is Intergrad and what are boots?
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    Don’t know anything about integrad but hers a boot
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    HR just told me yesterday. No chance to go to the preclass. Do you have to test out of all the DOK stuff at once? Or am I able to do 5s/10s one day and the rest the next day? I know the 5s and 10s verbatim, but I've been PT for 6 years and have always said the lifting and lowering and slips and falls differently than how it is written in this packet. It's dumb that a few sentences are harder to relearn than the 10 point commentary...
  5. Indecisi0n

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    I wrote them out with pen on my thighs .
  6. josh0187

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    But I have to wear pants because "it's more professional".
  7. GenericUsername

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    It's too hot for pants. Tell them to blow it out their ass and go back to the sort aisle.
  8. KingofFluff

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    Your never gonna make it. Quit now.
  9. GenericUsername

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    I make it just fine, thanks.
  10. eats packages

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    I don't think they need anything else except the 5/10s verbatim. Funny how I still have to deal with this intergrad crap when the real challenge is creative portland parking.

    Just test out early and if they don't like something then I'm sure it is easy to comvince them to test only that one bit tomorrow.
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    Just dont stress. Be prepared. This is the easy part. Youll still have to qualify if you pass integrad.
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    Why did my thread get merged in to this one?