peak season

  1. N

    7 months Bid Air Driver/RTD Peak Season ???

    Started about 8 months ago....Air driving til Peak season came around Late Oct. Done ground til Mid Jan. Air Driver pay $13.50 and RTD during peak was $24.22.....Going full time Package Car Driver in 2 weeks....Question is will my pay go down? Will I still have to qualify? I know the Sup is...
  2. S

    Saturday Ground

    Every route had 260+ stops with commercials. 2 of our drivers had 8hr days. 5 call ins. Personally can’t wait to see how many missed we can bring back lol
  3. M


    I just started with ups I was told i was hired for fulltime part-time sunrise but all I keep hiring now is that they don't know who there keeping after peak but I was told when I got job it was not seasonal is this normal I am just lost at where I stand now..... do seasonal people get union...
  4. S

    Peak Season Guarantee time

    So let's hear it. Who got some and how much.
  5. Z

    Part-time Supervisor test passed... time until promotion?

    So everybody I've asked at the Lexington hub has given me such a mixed variety of answers to this question that I am really unsure of who to believe. On the 3rd of December I passed the part-time supervisor test. Now I'm just simply waiting to be notified of when I get this position. How long...
  6. cheryl

    UPS forcing drivers to work 70-hour weeks with mandatory overtime requirement during holidays

    UPS forcing drivers to work 70-hour weeks with mandatory overtime requirement during holidays - NY Daily News This Christmas, UPS drivers are getting the gift of overtime — whether they want it or not. United Parcel Service on Dec. 1 called for mandatory overtime for its drivers across the...
  7. PreloadsPunchingBag

    New Girl in Preload

    So, I have a few questions I was really hoping you guys could help with. First off I am seasonal busting my ass non stop to become permanent (Part or Full Time).my first shift was at 2am on this past Tuesday. I received no training, The first day I was put on preload and the part time sup was...
  8. D

    Driver qualifying

    I’m currently way over 30 days behind the wheel. I’m being told I can’t qualify until after the new year that all days after 11/1 don’t count. That they will go back to total days behind wheel before 11/1.. Is this fact? Some other have said since I was driving before peak season it doesn’t...
  9. The Driver

    Where does the buck stop?

    Who is responsible for the dismal failures we've seen so far this peak season? What could be done to fix it? Is there any fixing it?
  10. B

    seasonal bonus/jury duty

    Long story short I am currently working as a seasonal delivery driver helper. The position entails a $200 weekly and $500 seasonal attendance bonus. I just received a notice for jury duty which would be during peak season when I would most likely be called. I am working on deferring my jury duty...
  11. B


    I was wondering if management does not care for a person for personal reasons what are some loop holes that they can use to get him fired even though he comes in on time and does his job?
  12. O

    Friend won box suite seats to Pro Basketball game during the start of peak-can they go?

    I have a friend who won box suite seats to our local pro basketball team game. Friend that want to go with claims that if they go - they would get in trouble with the company. Person who won the tickets states-how often in life are you going to win seats like this? If mangement had them -...
  13. U

    Possibility of becoming permanent?

    Hi all, I recently started as what I think to be a peak hire as a preloader. I want to become a permanent hire but I was curious, how many peak hires do they keep? I asked my supervisors but they just always says it depends. Also, is there a way they would lay off someone above me on seniority...
  14. SolidWoodPanel

    Part-Time Preload During Peak - OT

    I'm losing my Peak Season Cherry! I got a question. Some people said they started as hour as 1:00 AM last year. I'm just wondering if I have to show up so far in advance of normal starting time. I'm not trying to miss out and gain some Zzzz but I might take another job in addition to UPS...
  15. 35years

    UPS CEO: Thanks to automation, we're shipping more packages with the same number of people

    Link: UPS CEO: Thanks to automation, we're shipping more packages with the same number of people "The upcoming holiday period is shaping up to be another record-breaking shipping season. In fact, United Parcel Service (UPS) forecasts 750 million packages will be delivered between Black Friday...

    To be or Not to be PT Supervisor for Peak Season (On Topic)

    So I've come back to UPS after working at a grocery store for a year. Although instead of being a driver assistant for the peak season, I'm a PT package handler and my FT supervisor had approached me asking if I wanted to be a PT sup for the peak season to which I gladly said yes. So, the next...
  17. H

    History of Peak Season

    What year did Peak Season become defined? Was it always Thanksgiving thru Christmas or did it start out as like 1 week and expand from there? When did no vacations during peak season come about? Were vacations always in weeks at a time? (Yes I know about single day vacations, but that's only...
  18. S

    Still peak?

    Does ups normally still hire peak season PTsrs past January 15th 2017? Applying for a PH job and the acknowledgment is stating the position is only until or before January 31st 2018.
  19. soberups

    5 Commandments for using a helper (On Topic)

    #1--Thou shalt make safety thy first concern. On day 1, I always give my helper a 5 min lecture on staying safe. That means NO RUNNING, PERIOD. That means 100% use of the handrail when entering or exiting, no exceptions. That means that, if I screw up and start the engine before they have the...