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    Yeah that’s my title. They said they would be working me every day. I just went off what my supervisor told me. Would me signing the bid-sheet from part-time to full-time speed the process or no?
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    yeah I saw like 5 of my twlight mates back in the hub working while I was still out there. I knew my time was coming
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    I'm guessing your in the western region?

    Yes put your name on the PT-FT list if you want to be a FT driver.
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    but that pay cut tho lol
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    Just have to wait your turn. I completed Intergrad training in Sept. Came back to my hub and immediately started into my 30 day packet to qualify. This I felt was more stressful than Intergrad. I was able to qualify and have driven every day since. I was also taken off the driver schedule this week and put back on local sort. Sucks, but I get it.
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    You won't make FT before you're a Cover Driver. So don't worry about it because your time as a cover counts toward your progression.
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    As a PT Cover that’s exactly how it was for me. Hopefully you can run some air or pick up a route on heavy days. Steady work may not come until June.

    If they’re saying you still need to qualify you may have to wait to run ground until they put you on a training route. Once you qualify (30 days) you might bump back inside again as well.
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    Passed Menlo Park intergrad... it’s not impossible but it’s challenging. California is one of the more strict intergrad places. Almost got dq’d twice.