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    Hello all. I'm a full time employee at the Whites Creek facility in Nashville TN. Could someone please tell me how I can obtain supplemental short term disability insurance that pays for non work related injuries. I know that Teamcare pays $300/week, but I would like to purchase additional coverage. Thanks!
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    Nobody knows

    But, if you want talk about your period and how it affects your daily life

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    I was a seasonal package handler, they told me they were gonna hire me after peak, but of course I was laid off regardless. Anyways, positions were posted for my hub again a couple months later, I applied, interviewed, completed the second half of my application online. My interview was on a Monday, and the HR lady told me to call her by next Monday if I haven't heard anything from them. The next Monday I call, she says my background check still isn't complete yet, and that I should call her on Friday, as she would have more information for me.

    Today is Friday so I called and she said there is a "hold" on hiring, she doesn't know for how long, but in her words, "they are making internal changes because of the new contract", she said she'd have more info next week.

    The position is still posted online, does this sound right to anyone else or am I :censored2: outta luck
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    Just keep calling. Youll get in
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    Sounds right
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    I was a seasonal Driver in Lawrence, KS. Back in November I purchased $50 in gas for one of the trucks with my Debit card (I was not given a gas card) in order to meet a delivery deadline. They, for whatever reason, have decided to ignore my request for reimbursement. They being A** (HR Manager) and J***** (Center Manager, Lawrence). I have requested the contact information for their boss, with no reply. Could anyone help me out here? I did this in order to help out UPS, why are they so ungrateful? I no longer work there since peak is over but I deserve to be reimbursed (and definitely not ignored) could anyone please help? I can provide my pay stubs showing I didn't receive the gas money...
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    Both the union and company are going to stonewall on something like that. You should have jumped on that $50 on the day of, not 5 months later.

    I can't see any way other than formal litigation.

    Driver job openings next month if you would like.
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    First, pick a username that isn't your name.

    Second, did you get a receipt?
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    Yes I have the receipt and so do they. A request for reimbursement was submitted by the office manager in Lawrence, but i still never received it. as far as changing my name it doesn't really matter I deliver for FedEx now...
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    Still, no personal information.

    BTW, I know a former police chief from Lawrence. Want me to get you help?
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    I have sent several emails and phone calls trying to get this resolved I didn't put this off for five months or anything like that they have just decided to ignore me at this point which is why I would like to talk to their boss. Even If I don't get paid back I want to file a complaint about how this was handled
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    lol I dont know if I want to take it THAT far
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    He's retired, but I'm sure he still has connections.
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    Actually I would like to get a driving job in Ottawa or KC