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    Look for other work. Where I was it died after peak. 10-15 drivers laid off. There is no way anyone can survive on a couple days a week if any days period. I learned there's no guarantees when you'll work. If you can afford to be unemployed and pick up side jobs then go for it. If you have a family, mortgage, etc start looking for other full time employment. Best of luck
  2. If you’re going to UPS for pre-load, don’t. Management is awful. You pay a union who can’t get a contract signed. So you have thousands of dollars sitting in UPS’ pocket. A real trash company. They’re a billion dollar company, with a 10 cent philosophy.
  3. The best part about UPS is they have no problems hiring people as managers who’ve never loaded a truck in their lives, but they teach you how to load, though you’ve been there for years.
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    My biggest gripe so far is the socks. They make YOU pay for them from a side company, $38 for 6 pair of cheap brown socks with UPS logo, and don't let you wear anything else with their shorts. Yes, that's my biggest gripe. I'm that petty. Can't believe they can force you to wear a part of their uniform that isn't even a part of their provided uniform, but I can work with that. Bout to start embroidering some brown socks myself, and make a fortune.
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    I'll buy them at $39 per 6 pairs from you plus shipping!
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    I started in september 2018 and was wondering how the raises will work since I started after August 1st. Im currently making $15 preload
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    Hey guys. New member here. I had a interview for a full time delivery driver. The HR rep told me that it is a permanent position, but I take that with a grain of salt. I wanted to get advice on the what to do because she told me that I’d have to quit amazon before I could even start the hiring process due to a conflict of interest. I don’t really want to do that, but I don’t want to pass on the benefits, and something that could be beneficial long term. The only other good thing I have as a back up is my cdl license that I just got a month ago. Should I take the risk and give it a go? Or pass up on the offer? I truly appreciate the feedback.
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    Amazon will most likely take you back if you fail at UPS. Generally, UPS doesn’t. So give it a shot.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been thinking long and hard about it. I’ll give her a call Monday letting her know and hopefully it goes well from there.
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    I was a seasonal feeder driver this last peak, I managed not to hit anything.

    When will they mail me my 2.5 monrh circle of honor patch?
    I would like to wear it with pride while driving my Swift tractor.
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    You'll get a yearly raise at whatever garbage rate is in the new contract. Find your local and get a copy of the contract
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    Oh my holy desert demon God yahwew is it bad this year in my center. For some reason we got like ten!!!!! new drivers in six months. Once peak was over none of them were working and nobody was telling them crap. Most of em went and got other full time work.

    Now that summer is here and peak vacation time is hitting mngmt can't get them to come in anymore. They don't even answer the phone.
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    Can someone sent me a link to the upsers log in portal please.
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    You can’t type upsers in a search bar
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  18. I think one thing that needs to be addressed is that at some point new hires the ones hired after the ratification of the contract think they are getting a retro check when they're not going to see a cent some new hires I've talked to seem at least to me to be getting their hopes up and I've tried telling them to not get their hopes up and when checks finally do get here they don't get upset after expecting something their not getting but if you or anybody knows can you tell me the latest somebody could've been hired on to be eligible for a retro check
  19. Have you attempted to get with a union steward and ask for a form to become a union member you just don't get put in the union you got make the initiative to get with a steward and get a new member foem
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    Talk to a union steward you can't ask your supervisor because once somebody becomes a supervisor they basically cut off all ties with the union basically meaning that they no longer have the union as a safety net and can't file grievances and can lose their job super easy
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