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    When were you hired because when you were hired determines your eligibility to receive retro pay
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    It's pink and clearly says that it's a new member form I honestly wouldn't bother becoming a member the union doesn't really do what it says it will at the end of the day
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  3. You can only not join if you are in a right to work state.
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    So you must be a scab then
  5. Which I'm in Texas is a right to work state
  6. Stay in the Union
  7. I'm not a member the union is a joke besides why pay to be a member when I can still file grievances and use the union anyway
  8. If you get your ass into trouble, nobody would defend a scab. But that's just my opinion
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    Definition of a scab ^^^^^^
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    Truly enjoying waiting(sarcastic)does UPS need people for package handlers or not! 2 weeks later... starting to think they don’t hire! UPS HR “we will call you in a week” They just like to interview and take on a tour and tell you they need people.....? I call bull:censored2:❤️
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    You're a real peach ! In my group we work as a team, we help each other. I imagine your co-workers must love your mooching butt.
  12. Popcorn1

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    Decided to change to my application interview appointment from night shift after not getting called back after interview and tour to twilight shift. I went on a twilight tour and interview and was asked to do background check this time? I hope that is a good sign that I’m one step closer to being hired. Then again, ups likes to interview and tour and not hire...
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    I applied in early March, no call til April, did interview and tour and didn’t start til May. For an understaffed building they seem to take their time for sure. Good luck!
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    Was recently talking to a newly-hired pre-loader employee, and he told me that he completed his interview/tour/W-2 paperwork, etc. on May 6, 2019, and the Human Resources person said to him, "Expect an early-morning phone call from your Supervisor asking you to come into work -- within the next few days or so," and his very first day of work was actually June 20, 2019.

    It took almost six weeks of him waking up & semi-getting-ready-for-work at around 3:00am-ish before he received his very first come-to-work phone call.

    UPS makes the hiring process way more complicated than it needs to be, and potential and/or beginning employees get frustrated & burned out very quickly from all the confusing/vague/contradicting/half-truth information that they receive.
  16. Popcorn1

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    I wonder how many people?...or if every employee gets to start this way? Is this the ups intro?
  17. Kill your training route and pass your 30 days. After that dont hit anything and do enough to finish routes but dont try to hard or they'll congratulate you with more work. New drivers always mess up good routes because they finish them too early.
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    Maybe for inside help. Didn't have any struggle with feeders. Even got a month early heads up before signing back on.
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    How do I change where my direct deposit go
  20. Wait till payday then delete your old bank, the following day you can add a new bank