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  1. Richi3stayfly

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    I worked seasonal driver past winter and I was let go and I was told to re apply but wen I try re applying it said something about not elligible for rehire at the time. how long do I have to wait b4 I can reapply again ?
  2. Trash Panda

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    If they have an ad for your area call HR and see what the situation is and if they are actively hiring. HR had to create another application to fill out online when i got a call back.
  3. Richi3stayfly

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    Even if I tried applying for a whole different facility ?
  4. Trash Panda

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    Info i remember from another member with the same issue was to call your supervisor and see if you can get the status changed. Could be a tech glitch in the system.
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    Is your dad's name Dave?
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    I think the hiring process is easy, when I did it for PT preload the HR person told me to wait a week to come into training after filling something out online,after that they told us to come into training the next day, the training only took 2 days, on that 2nd day of training they put us to work
  7. ConfinedAnxious

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    I just got hired. What should I bring with me to work, like can I bring a backpack? I’m a Package Handler( Pre Loader). Also how should I dress? (Im a female). Also any other advice. Kinda nervous for me first day. It’s next Tuesday.
  8. Jstpeachy

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    I’m a female on preload- best thing I can suggest is workout attire. I wear exercise Capri type bottoms paired with a tank top. It’s hot depending on where you live (I’m in the southeast so it’s gross all hours of day here)

    Non slip shoes are required. I opt for steel toe work shoes based on preference but steel toe isn’t required.

    We are allowed to bring in a bag (I use a small backpack kind of like the purse type ones) but that may vary based on your building.

    Bring water- a refillable bottle is good. Hydration is important. I also bring Bluetooth headphones to play music on my phone but that may or may not be allowed where you work idk.

    The beginning sucks. Boxes can be heavy. Tires and oversized stuff comes down the belt so be prepared- if it’s over 70 lbs ask for help if you need to. Training is minimal at best usually so ask other loaders or drivers for tips and stuff.

    Don’t expect to be great your first day, do your best and seek feedback mostly from peers instead of supervisors on loading because the sups don’t seem to care about the day the driver will have based on how you load.

    Good luck! Ive been here about 3 months, lost 28 lbs so far lol and gained some muscle. It’s hard but not impossible.
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    Leave the weed in your car
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  10. Yozh69

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    My girlfriend applied online for a full-time package driver position. They had her in for her first interview today and have invited her back tomorrow to do her paperwork and send her for her physical. She does have a current DOT physical.

    They also want her to complete computer based training.

    Sound legit to me. I have a hard time believing that UPS will hire a package driver off the street but seems to be on the up-and-up so far.
  11. burrheadd

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    This has got to be a first

    Dude asking questions for his O’lady

    Is she computer illiterate
  12. Yozh69

    Yozh69 Member

    Nope. But I'm more computer literate than she is. She's on Facebook. I thought I'd look to see what I could find here.
  13. Full.time seasonal driver.,
  14. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Perhaps. Staff Member

    Future 22.4.
  15. Yozh69

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    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. But they (UPS) swears it's not. Fortunately she has a very flexible job she can fall back on should that turn out to be the case.
  16. They are gearing up.for peak now

    Regulardless good luck to her.
  17. Yozh69

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    Thanks. Physically I have no doubt she can do the job. And she's excited about going through the process so it should be interesting to see where it goes.
  18. Physically yes.
    Honestly I'm not sure if anyone is ready for the mental BS
  19. Yozh69

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    LOL! Funny you should say that because I warned her that would be the worst part at UPS. And I only say that from reading the threads here off and on over the past four years.

    Only advice I could give was to not stress out :)
  20. Whither

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    I just qualified as an off-the-street hire. Depends on how desperate for drivers the building is. I chuckle every evening I punch out and put my board in the charging station and see that no one's signed the 22.4 bid posted in my center for 2 weeks now.